University Resources

Approved Tools 

  1. Cloud Storage: Microsoft 365Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are all cloud services approved for RHI data storage. 

    1. If you wish to use a cloud service not listed above, it must undergo a risk assessment before being implemented. 

    2. OTDI maintains a Cloud Services Registry with detailed information on using AWS and Microsoft Azure applications and the level of data they are approved for.  

    3. OTDI also maintains a Cloud Assessment Registry for all third-party cloud services that have gone through the university risk assessment.  

  1. Equipment/Non-Cloud Storage: Your unit’s IT staff must be consulted to ensure any equipment or non-cloud storage is available and configured to S4 standards before being used for the research project.  


University Resources for Securing Research 

  1. Research Commons Consultation: University Libraries has a Research Commons Consultation page, where faculty conducting research may get in touch to schedule a consultation. Libraries coordinates consultations both with their own specialists (data management, data visibility, GIS, etc.), and with campus partners (IRB, OSC, AWS, etc.). 


Training Opportunities    

Cybersecurity For You 

HIPAA Training 

Institutional Data Policy Training