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Technology is critical to The Ohio State University's mission. Our teams focus on opportunities to increase institutional collaboration, efficiency and data-driven solutions.

Whether you work in our newly-renovated offices or spend your time assisting customers at locations across the university, your work contributes to our vision to promote student success; support academics, research and outreach; and strengthen access and connectivity. Take a few minutes to explore our staff profiles and learn more about the team members who are making this vision a reality.

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Portia, her husband, and her three kids pose for a picture during a beach vacation.
Product Manager, Web and Mobile

This month we’re shining the spotlight on Portia LaMarr. She started her Ohio State career in the Registrar’s office but then made her way to the Web and Mobile team in OTDI. She loves working with a creative and innovative team and has a passion for DEIJ work. This mother of three doesn’t have many hobbies of her own, besides supporting all of her children’s activities! When she’s off the clock, you can listen to her on the H.E.A.R.D podcast (Higher Education and Real Diversity).Learn more

Network Engineer

This month, get to know Ben Hood, a network engineer. From student employee to full-timer, this Buckeye for Life wasn’t sure what he wanted to be when he grew up, but his first position in IT made his career path more clear. And ten years later, he’s sticking with it in OTDI! Off the clock, you are likely to find this husband and father wrangling his one-year old son, or perhaps snagging some tacos at Los Guachos.Learn more

Senior Director, OTDI Service Management Office

This month, get to know Tracey Richardson. This senior director of the OTDI Service Management Office is a Buckeye For Life—from student, to student employee, to temp employee to full-timer. Her mom encouraged her to “get into computers,” and we’re so glad she took her mom’s advice! This former snow cone scooper enjoys meeting talented people across the university and working with her team to turn ideas into successful services. If Tracey is OOO for an extended period of time, she might be making a return trip to sunny CA or trekking across the world to learn more about her ancestry.Learn more

Dietrich and wife Tamara pose with their four children.
Director, IT Portfolio Management

This month, the spotlight shines on Dietrich Eubank, who is tasked with organizing and prioritizing the OTDI portfolio of projects. He had been working in the IT project management space for years, and after meeting some OTDI colleagues, he knew Ohio State would be a great fit. He was born in Germany, but grew up primarily in Ohio (with a brief stint in Canada). When he’s OOO, he might be visiting family in Norway or checking off bucket list items in Nepal or Bora-Bora. If you need to connect with Dietrich in-person, he won’t turn down a working meeting at Brassica.Learn more

Educational Technologist

Meet Jay, an educational technologist whose career has taken him all around the university, where he’s made connections and partnerships along the way. He’s a SME of enterprise tools who thinks up new ways technology can be used to support teaching and learning at Ohio State, for in-person or online courses. A typical day for Jay at the moment is 13 hours ahead! He’s visiting family and exploring Taiwan by day and taking Zoom calls at night. Besides the flexibility, Jay loves the endless possibilities in his role and working with so many other lifelong learners. When he’s back in Columbus, you can meet up for dim sum or a piano jam session.  Learn more

Communications Strategist

Meet Annie, this month’s spotlight employee. She’s a communicator focused on student success—everything from getting technology kits to students during a pandemic to supporting mental health with the Wellness app and fostering creativity with the Adobe suite. She originally wanted to be a vet, and then a journalist, now a communicator, but perhaps a florist in the future. This trivia pro loves learning new things, especially in the kitchen. When she’s OOO, she may be jet-setting to Italy for handmade pasta or enjoying BIG family time.Learn more

Senior Access Management Administrator

Get to know this month’s spotlight employee, Jordan Keel. On a typical day he is managing access to key systems, providing members of the university the permissions they need to complete their work. This Buckeye for Life graduated from Ohio State and has been working at the university for 10 years. He originally considered a path in dentistry, but after working in the Registrar, his dreams shifted to a career in higher education. Outside of working hours, you may find him rocking out on drums or guitar or enjoying time at home with his wife and fur baby.Learn more

Manager, eLearning Systems Development

Get to know Sravani from the eLearning Systems Development team. Her group in OTDI supports major teaching and learning tools like CarmenCanvas, CarmenZoom, Mediasite, Top Hat, LabArchives…the list goes on! Sravani started at Ohio State as a toothbrush salesperson while working on her Master’s degree, but found her way to OTDI in 2015. Originally from a “pothole town” in India, she aspired to be a Buckeye—and has now been at the university for over 20 years! Off the clock, you will likely find Sravani at the park with her husband and daughter or hitting up Brassica for a tasty meal.Learn more

Instructional Designer

Get to know Ryan, an instructional designer in the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation. This wannabe Broadway performer always knew deep down that his career would involve teaching; and what could be better than using that creative energy to help instructors design unique learning experiences? While teaching courses on video game analysis, Ryan kept turning to coaching and collaborating with other instructors, and he was thrilled to learn that there’s a job for that! Off the clock, you might find Ryan playing video or table-top games to stay connected with friends and colleagues.Learn more

Desktop and Education Support Specialist

This month the spotlight shines on Pat Webster, a support specialist who’s helping out our managed IT partners and onboarding new recruits to the IT Service Desk. This wannabe high school history teacher is still fulfilling his dream of working in academia. He is thrilled that his career path brought him back to his alma mater, solidifying his Buckeye for Life status. Off the clock, you might find this former juggler wrangling his many pets or relaxing with friends around a campfire.Learn more

Systems Developer/Engineer, Access Management

Meet Radhika, a member of our Access Management team who is regularly onboarding and offboarding users to university systems. She enjoys cross-functional teamwork and working to improve the user experience. Originally from India, this Buckeye is living her dream serving others and working in the education field. After hours, you may find her enjoying her beautiful garden or decorating her house to bring the beauty inside.Learn more

eLearning Support Analyst

Say hello to Amanda, a technical writer and customer supporter. She loves working in OTDI because she doesn’t feel like just a cog in a machine. This former sailboat steward with culinary and theater degrees cruised into Ohio State as a student employee and has been working for the university full-time for over eight years. Outside Mount and her Zoom window, you might find her grabbing a bite at Lindey’s or diving into a new game or craft.Learn more

Senior Relationship Manager

This month, the spotlight falls on Will Mills, a relationship manager and DEIJ culture builder. A former student athlete at THE Ohio State University, Will is always looking for ways to pay it forward to current students. His favorite projects tend to be those that have the biggest impact on young Buckeyes! Will is thankful for the people he has the opportunity to work with, as well as the flexibility the university provides. When he’s not dressed for success on campus, this father of two can be found spending time with family and trying new things.Learn more

Dave smiles on a Zoom call amidst a background of purple flowers
Associate Instructional Designer

Say hello to Dave. This former instructor and improv-er is now a course improver on the instructional design team. He loves doing impactful work and has been involved with shaping the bookend courses for Ohio State’s new GE program. He’s also fully enjoying the inclusive and collaborative nature of OTDI. Outside of work, Dave is likely spending time with family, listening to music, and traveling any chance he gets. If you get a chance to chat with him, your conversation could span a few different languages!Learn more

Ashley poses with her husband and two daughters amidst a fun, fall scene
Senior Business Analyst

Get to know Ashley, a business analyst supporting our friends at COTC in Newark. She loves learning new things every day and she’s not afraid to question what’s possible. This wannabe teacher has always been tech-savvy, so a career in higher education that led to OTDI is a great fit! Ashley chose Ohio State because she wanted to continue to grow and to have an employer that values health and well-being. Speaking of well-being, off the clock you might find her at the nearest waterfall getting her Zen on.Learn more

Desktop Support Specialist

Learn more about Joshua, a desktop support specialist who has been providing hands-on solutions for our customers for over two years. Joshua moved from New York to Ohio and decided to join the university so he could further his education and enjoy the work-life balance Ohio State provides. When he’s not on campus, you might find him catching a flight to Scotland and Ireland, or perhaps donning a kilt at a local Celtic music festival.Learn more

Senior Business Analyst Lead

Say hello to Chris Baker, a lead analyst working on the implementation and continuous improvement of Workday. This former corn detasseler and rockstar-wannabe found his way to Ohio State for work and TBDBITL—and he’s been with us for over two decades! Chris enjoys collaborating with others and thinking outside the box to solve complex problems. When he’s off the clock, you will likely find him spending time with family, if he can pull his son away from Minecraft.Learn more

Rich and his dad enjoy some fresh corn at the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival
AVP and Chief Information Security Officer

Meet Rich, the new CISO for The Ohio State University. He’s in charge of security, privacy and digital accessibility at the university. This former paper boy wants to spread the news that he gets to work with a lot of bright Buckeyes. His children are becoming bright young Bucks as well! When Rich is OOO, he and his family are likely off traveling the world or cozying up to enjoy some classic Christmas movies.Learn more

Cindy, her husband and their adult children enjoy a meal together in New York City.
Vice President and CIO (Beginning 9/20/21)

Meet Cindy, the incoming VP and CIO for our collective IT and eLearning organizations—a unique combination she is looking forward to leading. This Buckeye-in-the-Making knew this was the place for her after witnessing the passion and enthusiasm of our teams. A statistics lover and avid cyclist, Cindy also enjoys volunteering with kids and teens. Originally from Utah, she enjoys visiting Lake Michigan and traveling across the US to spend time with her adult children. When you get a chance to chat, send her restaurant recommendations so she can explore the finest eats Columbus has to offer!Learn more

Aimee and her husband enjoy a fancy meal on a recent cruise
Fiscal Officer

Meet Aimee, who went from student cook to Fiscal Officer in her 16 years at Ohio State. She balances the books as part of the shared services team, allowing her to work with every part of our organization. When she’s not approving purchase and travel requests, she’s likely gaming or enjoying time at home with her husband and furbabies. You might even catch her in Gerlach Hall on a Saturday, working towards her MBA (and avoiding yard work).Learn more

Senior Business Analyst

Meet Richelle, a business analyst who enjoys working with her “Fin Fam.” From PeopleSoft to Workday, she’s seen her fair share of major system implementations in her nearly 20 years with Ohio State. When she’s not supporting customers at Ohio State, she enjoys supporting her local community and spending time grilling out with family. This Pittsburgh native is a big Steeler’s fan, but if you need a change of subject, be sure to ask her about her run-in with chicken pox!Learn more

Joel, his wife and his daughters smile for a photo while wearing matching family reunion T-shirts.
Program Manager, Learning Programs

Meet Joel, a program manager who’s been involved with several major Ohio State endeavors (like Innovate and Digital Flagship) as well as STEM outreach programs. Most recently, this former landscaper has been tasked with helping grow our diversity initiatives as chair of the DEIJ task force for our organizations. Joel is passionate about his faith, his family and supporting his community—and he’s enjoying the continual learning inherent in his role. If you receive his OOO message, he might be out soaking up the sun in San Diego.Learn more

John, his wife, and their four children sit on a stone wall in a park and smile for a photo
Senior Manager of Managed Services

Meet John, a Buckeye for Life that graduated from Ohio State and immediately wanted to come back to start his career. In over a decade with the university, he worked his share of major projects and now manages three different teams. This father of four enjoys working with a variety of people and building relationships with his colleagues. When he’s not on campus or on Zoom, you might catch him spending time with his family on a beach or planning a European excursion.Learn more

Active Directory Administrator

Meet Michael, an OTDI employee who went from student worker to full-timer. His career path immersed him in various IT groups at the university until he made his way to the Active Directory (AD) team. This former lawn care entrepreneur is now helping MITS grow, and he’s currently assisting with the migration from BuckeyeBox to Microsoft 365. This Columbus native loves working in an environment of continuous learning and innovation. Outside of work you might catch him playing sports, delving into DIY or planning a trip around the world.Learn more

Space Design Strategist

Meet Katelyn, an interior designer for classroom spaces around Ohio State. This former ice cream scooper is now shaping the way students and instructors learn and teach through her inspired layouts. She always dreamt of being an interior designer, and an internship with Student Life sparked her interest in a career in higher education. When the weather warms up, you might catch her at a local brewery or jetting off to Ireland to immerse herself in her family’s heritage.Learn more

Carmichael and his wife pose with their two children
Senior Web and Mobile Developer

Say hello to Carmichael, a senior web and mobile developer. This former Target employee traded his red polo for something Scarlet and Gray and has worked for Ohio State for over 10 years now. In nice weather, this father of two can be found hitting the trails with his family. While working from home, he’s also brandishing his barista skills—ask him about his latte art the next time you see him on Zoom!Learn more

Instructional Designer

Meet Sarah, an instructional designer who has been teaching and supporting teaching for over a decade at Ohio State. As a child, she had high hopes of becoming a professional reader, but getting to read up on learning and technology to better support our teachers is the next best thing! She loves the variety of tasks in her work, and the only “typical” part of her day is the amount of passion shared among colleagues and collaborators. When you run into her next on Zoom, ask her about being mistaken for Sarah McLaughlin.Learn more

Associate Applications Analyst

Meet Jacob, an application analyst who’s creating new solutions for our MITS partners. Former “food champion” and member of the Geek Squad, he was swayed by other Ohio State employees to join the university. This Mansfield native is a music enthusiast and proud husband and father of two [fur babies]. Outside of work, you might catch him at Rock City, Condado Tacos or escaping to Colorado for some fresh scenery.Learn more

Senior Solutions Analyst, Web and Mobile

Meet Andrew, a creator of web and mobile solutions who loves making an impact for students. Most recently, he’s been working on the health reporting addition in Compass and the Ohio State app to help keep the Buckeye community safe and healthy. Originally from the Home of the Truckers, Andrew is now enjoying family adventures (and Condado Tacos) in Columbus. When you see him in your Zoom call, ask about the pickle and salsa selections derived from his home garden!Learn more

Middleware Administrator

Meet Chitra, a middleware administrator who has supported several major software upgrades and is keeping our systems up to date every day. When she came to Ohio State, she just needed a job, but the amazing people she gets to work with have kept her in our office for 15 years and counting. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling to India to visit her parents (and score some tasty mangoes). Here in Ohio, family time is key—even the indecisive times of choosing what to binge next.Learn more

Staff Training and Development Coordinator

Meet Marvin, a training developer who’s been with our unit for a decade and counting. He originally came to Ohio State’s Department of African American and African Studies Community Extension Center. He knew the university would be a great place to continue to grow and develop his communication, training and technology skills. Family and religion are top priorities, as well as sports and exploring the great outdoors. Outside of Mount Hall, you might find Marvin stopping in at Hyde Park for date night or escaping to an island for a family vacation.Learn more

Application Developer

Meet Lissette, a web app developer who thrives on continuous improvement for our customers. She enjoys the college atmosphere at Ohio State as well as the creative, innovative nature of her work. Originally from Puerto Rico, this mother of two can’t get enough of the outdoors! When she’s not working, you might catch her riding her bike or taking a family walk.  Learn more

Chief Administrative Officer

Meet Bob Muhn, the new CAO working with shared services for OTDI. This ‘design thinking’ innovator likes to be sure human needs lead technology improvements, and he’s thrilled for the opportunity to innovate at Ohio State. Bob isn’t quite sure what he wants to be when he grows up—making a college campus the perfect fit! This former sailing instructor is now an avid golfer and family man. When he’s not in your Zoom meeting, you might find him and his family on a nature walk, or daydreaming about the next time they can hit up The Avenue in Grandview.Learn more

Desktop and Education Support Specialist

Meet Beth, a support specialist who travels to extension offices in counties across Ohio. She was originally interested in the medical field (ideally for pets), but allergies and her love of computers altered her career plans. Now she enjoys the people she works with at Ohio State and throughout the state. Outside of her mobile office, this mother of two is also an advocate for families with special needs children. If she’s not at one of our county offices, you might find her at a local county fair, enjoying funnel cakes, fries and tractor pulling.Learn more

Digital Publishing Coordinator, Affordability and Access

Meet Mike, a former textbook company employee who now works to replace costly textbooks with digital alternatives. His day-to-day duties result in saving students millions of dollars on textbooks (perhaps his title should be Affordability Superhero?), and he is quite proud of his work's reach. A wannabe starving (musical) artist, Mike came to Ohio State for the pool at the RPAC, but he stayed for the chats with fascinating expert faculty. He still creates music in his spare time, as well as rectangular wooden objects. Outside Mount Hall, you may find him rock climbing in Kentucky or grabbing some grub from Pierogi Mountain.Learn more

IT Service Desk Manager

Meet Mario, a manager of IT Service Desk support staff, aka your friendly neighborhood IT gurus at BuckeyeBar locations and available by phone (614-688-4357). This former lawn-mower had dreams of traveling to the stars, but we’re happy he landed in Buckeye Country. This big family man and original Star Wars fan enjoys the Ohio State culture and knowing he’s making an impact in the world. Outside TNC, you might find him traveling to Orlando with his family or making a trip to Toledo for some Gino’s pizza.Learn more

Program Manager, Learning Technology

Meet Scott, a learning technology program manager whose day-to-day life involves prepping students for college—whether they are still in high school or just arriving on campus and receiving their Digital Flagship iPad. This former Special Education teacher loves to play, explore and dance around constraints to innovate new solutions and learning strategies. Faith and family are very important in his life, as well as smoked meats of all varieties. Outside Mount Hall, you’ll likely find him at Swenson’s or anywhere with great food.Learn more

Associate Director of Distance Education Marketing

Welcome our new AD of DE Marketing, Gail Martineau. This former social rep for @OSUPrezDrake is a problem-solver who enjoys working in groups to foster creativity and innovation. Her degrees might not be from Ohio State, but since her first day working at the university, she can’t imagine NOT being a Buckeye. Outside Mount Hall, you might find this lifelong-vegetarian visiting her favorite local taco joint.Learn more

Kathy Braidic
Associate Director, Digital Accessibility Services

Meet Kathy, a digital accessibility ambassador. She’s working hard to make sure anyone can learn from and interact with digital content from our organizations. She’s been with Ohio State for 28 years and counting, thanks to the career opportunities the university has to offer. She enjoys solving process puzzles and making a difference for staff, faculty and students at Ohio State. Outside of Mount Hall, you might find this wannabe archeologist traveling back in time to ancient cities around the world.Learn more

Preeti Palvankar
Application Administrator

Meet Preeti, an application administrator who provides support for our eLearning tools like the CarmenCanvas learning management system (LMS). She formerly managed the LMS at Kent State across all of their campuses but came to Ohio to start a family and join a new team at Ohio State. If you see her in Mount Hall, ask her to share the latest story about her tenacious toddler!Learn more

Steve Veyon
Endpoint Engineer

Meet Steve, an Endpoint Engineer. Between Newark and Columbus, he’s spent nearly 10 years with The Ohio State University. This former teacher and self-proclaimed geek loves to tinker and patch devices to keep the university secure. He also enjoys the flexibility our unit offers to balance his work and his personal health. Outside of working hours, you might find Steve planning a trip to the Caymans or a motorcycle ride through town.Learn more

Lauren McBride
BuckeyeLearn Analyst

Meet Lauren, who works behind the scenes of our staff training platform, BuckeyeLearn. Her interests, job skills and desire to be on a college campus all aligned to bring her to our unit. Lauren likes visiting NC, but after grad school in PA, she’s happy to be back in the OH-IO. When she’s not on campus, you might find her volunteering or visiting a variety of local eateries. Get to know this effervescent personality!Learn more

Andrew Hawley
Security Engineer

Meet Andrew, a data protector by day and a dog dad by night. He likes working with his team to secure university accounts and spitball crazy ideas that often lead to feasible solutions. This former TBDBITL member is forever a Buckeyes fan. Outside of Mount Hall, you might find him rooting on the men’s ice hockey team or enjoying some local cuisine at Gallo’s Kitchen.Learn more

David Renner
Associate Director, Middleware

Meet David, a member of your friendly neighborhood application support team! He handles installs, patching, securing and more to allow developers to focus on, well, development. David loves his team and the culture of the organization, which allows him to explore and continue to learn. He’s even graduating with his MBA from the Fisher College of Business! His current hobbies outside of his coursework include living vicariously through his children and just enjoying some family time. Outside of Mount Hall, you might catch him at a local science fair or robotics competition.Learn more

Keune Family
Chief Communications Officer

Meet Kate, the fearless leader of our marketing and communications teams. She has lived in several states but has continued to work for Ohio State, likely because every day brings her new and exciting challenges. This Nancy Drew wannabe now sleuths out the best way to share stories about our ongoing projects. When she’s not working, you can usually find her at a sporting event with her husband and son or binging reruns of 80s TV shows.Learn more

Grace Tay
Java Engineer

Meet Grace, a member of the web and mobile team who’s developing and designing optimal user experiences daily. She’s #new2osu and happy to be here—she found the perfect fit of people and purpose in her work. Outside of Mount Hall you might find her diving into a delicate little dough pocket at Dewey’s or catching up on her Netflix queue with her husband and Ninja kitty.Learn more

Kevin Clark
Senior PeopleSoft Administrator

Meet Kevin, a Middleware Administrator who hails from the small town of Frazeysburg. He’s been with the university for over a decade, and he loves the people, opportunities and tradition that Ohio State has to offer. In the office, Kevin is often working on major implementations and upgrades, with AWS as a current focus. Off-campus, there’s a high probability you’ll find him with a group of friends, all gathered around their latest board game discovery.Learn more

Zachary Fuchik
Network Specialist

Zach’s his name, troubleshooting’s his game. This Network Specialist was pulled into our unit from ASC, as part of MITS, and now works with COTC and CFAES (all the acronyms). This former stagehand found his calling in Communication Technology Management; he enjoys the ever-changing field of technology that offers him constant learning opportunities. Outside of TNC you may find him playing games at home (video and board) or enjoying some Nashville-style grub at Hot Chicken Takeover.Learn more

Scott Nelson
Instructional Design Video Coordinator

Meet Scott Nelson, a video coordinator in OTDI. This former golf caddy loves forming partnerships with faculty and working towards the goal of more engaging course content for students. While Ohio State isn’t the Blue Angels, Scott does enjoy the fast-paced work environment and the ability to try new and exciting things. Outside of Mount Hall, you might find him at church in Powell or staying in to enjoy his wife’s cooking.Learn more

Laura Gast
Data Governance and Policy Lead, Enterprise Project

Meet Laura Gast, the Data Governance and Policy Lead for the Enterprise Project. When moving to Columbus, she thought Ohio State would be a great place to work, and she was right! A Buckeye for over 20 years, Laura has had a hand in many a major upgrade, from PeopleSoft to Workday. This proud mom loves rooting for her boys on the rink and her Ohio teams on the TV. If you ever run into her noshing on gnocchi at Villa Nova, be sure to say “Hi!”Learn more

Roland Kreml
Security Analyst Lead

Meet Governance and Policy Team Lead Roland Kreml. This Ohio State grad has been working for his alma mater for 20+ years! He’s passionate, sarcastic and hardworking, and he loves teaming up with great people and knowing he’s making a difference at the university. You might find this “functional geek” at his desk in Mount or out cycling and fishing until inspiration strikes.Learn more

Joseph Burris
Security Engineer

This security engineer is helping clients from around the university find meaning in their data. He’s a father of two and full of dad jokes. Stop by and ask him about the book on anti-gravity he’s reading—I hear he can’t put it down! When not in Mount, you can catch Joe spending time outside with his kids, enjoying a delicious dinner at Marcella’s or learning to brew beer.Learn more

Darryl Jordan
Director of Administrative Applications

Meet Darryl, Director of Administrative Applications, who is typically delving into the PeopleSoft realm. This Buckeye fan was recruited by a friend, and has been with the university for nearly 20 years! It’s no surprise stuck around since he loves the people he works with and the culture we’ve created in our organizations. Darryl worked hard and played hard in high school to achieve his goals on the field, and now he brings that same football mentality to work every day.Learn more

Colleen plays fetch with her two dogs
Senior Systems Analyst

Meet Colleen, an EDM analyst who enjoys the people side of IT. This problem-solver was drawn in by the culture of Ohio State, and we got her hooked for seven years and counting! When she’s not at Mount Hall, you may find her crushing Shadow of Mordor, playing fetch with her two large pups or planning a getaway to Punta Cana.Learn more

PeopleSoft Administrator

Meet Pi-Chu, a PeopleSoft Administrator responsible for keeping our systems up-to-date. She loves to troubleshoot application issues, and she feels right at home at Ohio State. This mother of two can be found dining out at Hong Kong House or socializing with friends and family.Learn more

Systems Administrator

Robbie went from a student employee to a full-timer, working for the university for nearly 10 years! This Systems Administrator on the Infrastructure Team enjoys solving puzzles every day, and helping others in the process. If he’s not at his desk, he may be rocking out on guitar, noshing on Asian cuisine at Akai Hana or perhaps running away to beautiful New Zealand.Learn more

Senior Help Desk Technician

This customer service superstar has been with us for 20+ years. His dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster nearly come true every fall when he works with ESPN, the Big Ten Network and others to prepare Ohio Stadium for football festivities. Outside of work, this family man can be found spending time with his wife, two children and new furry edition to the family—a puppy named Zeke!Learn more

Academic Advisor and Staff Assistant

He’s an Academic Advisor for Extended Education, working with students and setting them up for success. This goofy grandfather of five loves his coworkers…and celebrating Hump Day each week! A former naval officer, Jody brings a sense of pride to every project and a personal touch to every advising experience.Learn more

Assistant Director of Learning Environments

He’s an Assistant Director of Learning Environments who worked his way up from a student AV tech position. This rock-star-turned-family-man provides support for advanced learning technology in hundreds of classrooms as well as labs and Digital Unions at Ohio State. After hours, be sure to ask him about his latest home brew or taco recipe.Learn more

Front-end Developer

She’s a Front-end Developer for our websites who helps fulfill and share the mission of the university on a daily basis. Currently, Moe is working on rebranding the Ohio State Online site where prospective students get all the information they need to start online degree programs. In her off hours, this concert goer has recently settled into the devoted dog mom role.Learn more

Web Designer

This Web Designer spends his time creating accessible and appealing websites that reach a wide range of the university community. From advertising to academia, Jesse was drawn to Ohio State where his work directly impacts the lives of students. This surprising Slytherin can be found slinking in and out of local coffee shops and cinemas. If you get a chance, ask him about his vegan cookbooks!Learn more

Systems Administrator III

This Infrastructure Systems Engineer works primarily behind the scenes, but he is using technology to advance the education of tens of thousands of people. NBD. He’s a consumer tech geek with a passion for cameras and drones, but his IT career all started with a Commodore 64. Outside Ohio State, you might find Rick playing in his church orchestra or smoking meats in his backyard.Learn more

Java Engineer

He’s a java engineer (sadly, NOT a fancy coffee creator) on the Web & Mobile team. Although he loves working with the people at Ohio State, he would jump at the chance to get away to a beautiful beachy island. When he’s not delving into web frameworks, Nick can be found exploring local bars and frequenting his favorite pizza shop.Learn more

Instructional Designer

This month, John Muir is in the spotlight! This instructional designer works with online degree programs, and he loves being able to shape the direction of the online learning experience. This former robot, kilt-wearer and rock star is also a fan of eco-horror-sci-fi books and symphony orchestras. You can find him in St John Arena designing courses or at Arepazo eating Latin American food…or across the border in Latin America! Learn more