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Technology is critical to Ohio State University's mission and to the future to success of the university's 2020 Vision. Our teams focus on opportunities to increase institutional collaboration, efficiency and data-driven solutions.

Whether you work in our newly-renovated offices or spend your time assisting customers at locations across the university, your work contributes to our vision to promote student success; support academics, research and outreach; and strengthen access and connectivity. Take a few minutes to explore our staff profiles and learn more about the team members who are making this vision a reality.

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Zachary Fuchik
Network Specialist

Zach’s his name, troubleshooting’s his game. This Network Specialist was pulled into OCIO from ASC, as part of MITS, and now works with COTC and CFAES (all the acronyms). This former stagehand found his calling in Communication Technology Management; he enjoys the ever-changing field of technology that offers him constant learning opportunities. Outside of TNC you may find him playing games at home (video and board) or enjoying some Nashville-style grub at Hot Chicken Takeover.Learn more

Scott Nelson
Instructional Design Video Coordinator

Meet Scott Nelson, a video coordinator in ODEE. This former golf caddy loves forming partnerships with faculty and working towards the goal of more engaging course content for students. While Ohio State isn’t the Blue Angels, Scott does enjoy the fast-paced work environment and the ability to try new and exciting things. Outside of Mount Hall, you might find him at church in Powell or staying in to enjoy his wife’s cooking.Learn more

Laura Gast
Data Governance and Policy Lead, Enterprise Project

Meet Laura Gast, the Data Governance and Policy Lead for the Enterprise Project. When moving to Columbus, she thought Ohio State would be a great place to work, and she was right! A Buckeye for over 20 years, Laura has had a hand in many a major upgrade, from PeopleSoft to Workday. This proud mom loves rooting for her boys on the rink and her Ohio teams on the TV. If you ever run into her noshing on gnocchi at Villa Nova, be sure to say “Hi!”Learn more

Roland Kreml
Security Analyst Lead

Meet Governance and Policy Team Lead Roland Kreml. This Ohio State grad has been working for his alma mater for 20+ years! He’s passionate, sarcastic and hardworking, and he loves teaming up with great people and knowing he’s making a difference at the university. You might find this “functional geek” at his desk in Mount or out cycling and fishing until inspiration strikes.Learn more

Joseph Burris
Security Engineer

This security engineer is helping clients from around the university find meaning in their data. He’s a father of two and full of dad jokes. Stop by and ask him about the book on anti-gravity he’s reading—I hear he can’t put it down! When not in Mount, you can catch Joe spending time outside with his kids, enjoying a delicious dinner at Marcella’s or learning to brew beer.Learn more

Josh Howey
Senior Digital Media Producer

Meet Josh, a Media Producer for OCIO, ODEE and beyond. Originally from that country up north, Josh thrives in cooler temperatures and in a work environment with variety. This former pizza tosser loves that every day is different in his current role—from filming, to editing, to learning new skills. Outside of Mount Hall, you’ll find him editing more video, filming a wedding or possibly enjoying some cheddar herb biscuits at Third and Hollywood.Learn more

Emma Young
Support and Training Analyst

Meet Emma, a support and training analyst in ODEE. She’s been with us nearly two years, and loves helping people navigate the tech landscape at Ohio State. A former table busser and roll butterer, Emma hails from Scotland (but would love to see Tokyo). Outside of Mount Hall, you may find her sipping tea at Zen Cha or noshing on comfort food at Tip Top.Learn more

Darryl Jordan
Director of Administrative Applications

Meet Darryl, Director of Administrative Applications, who is typically delving into the PeopleSoft realm. This Buckeye fan was recruited by a friend, and has been with the university for nearly 20 years! It’s no surprise stuck around since he loves the people he works with and the culture we’ve created in our organizations. Darryl worked hard and played hard in high school to achieve his goals on the field, and now he brings that same football mentality to work every day.Learn more

Colleen plays fetch with her two dogs
Senior Systems Analyst

Meet Colleen, an EDM analyst who enjoys the people side of IT. This problem-solver was drawn in by the culture of Ohio State, and we got her hooked for seven years and counting! When she’s not at Mount Hall, you may find her crushing Shadow of Mordor, playing fetch with her two large pups or planning a getaway to Punta Cana.Learn more

Dan Watkins
Host Master, Network Engineer

Meet Dan Watkins, an Ohio State grad who found his way to the OCIO to fulfill his dream of being in college forever. Networking was his favorite class, so becoming a Network Engineer was written in the stars. This Master of the Host is doling out the charm, finding out how things work and learning nonstop. When he’s not in TNC, you may find him hanging out with his kids, learning Chinese or trekking through New Zealand in search of the next top desktop background.Learn more

Senior Access Management Administrator

Meet Aaron Bagent, a Senior Access Management Administrator, currently working on the Enterprise Project. On a typical day, you’ll find him resetting passwords, granting access to systems and tinkering to learn how new systems work. Outside the office, you may find him experimenting with ingredients to craft unique cocktails or breezing through a crossword puzzle at a local coffee shop.Learn more

PeopleSoft Administrator

Meet Pi-Chu, a PeopleSoft Administrator responsible for keeping our systems up-to-date. She loves to troubleshoot application issues, and she feels right at home at Ohio State. This mother of two can be found dining out at Hong Kong House or socializing with friends and family.Learn more

Systems Administrator

Robbie went from a student employee to a full-timer, working for the university for nearly 10 years! This Systems Administrator on the ODEE Infrastructure Team enjoys solving puzzles every day, and helping others in the process. If he’s not at his desk, he may be rocking out on guitar, noshing on Asian cuisine at Akai Hana or perhaps running away to beautiful New Zealand.Learn more

Conversion Manager, Enterprise Project

This former researcher is now the Conversion Manager on the Workday Enterprise Project team. She is responsible for all aspects of the data conversion activities while collaborating extensively with other project teams. Nalini enjoys the university culture and seeing her work make a difference in the lives of students and employees. She’s also a connoisseur of vegetarian food, both traditional Indian food and fusion recipes and is constantly cooking up delectable dishes.Learn more

Systems Developer/Engineer

Meet Taiwan, an analyst and developer assisting the transition from PeopleSoft to Workday. He appreciates his coworkers and the diversity of the workforce at the university. This Buckeye fan for life is also the father of two spirited daughters. Outside of Mount Hall, you might find him camping, listening to classical music or supporting a youth outreach program.Learn more

Senior Help Desk Technician

This customer service superstar has been with the OCIO for 20+ years. His dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster nearly come true every fall when he works with ESPN, the Big Ten Network and others to prepare Ohio Stadium for football festivities. Outside of work, this family man can be found spending time with his wife, two children and new furry edition to the family—a puppy named Zeke!Learn more

Academic Advisor and Staff Assistant

He’s an Academic Advisor in the Office of Distance Education and eLearning, working with international students and setting them up for success. This goofy grandfather of five loves his coworkers…and celebrating Hump Day each week! A former naval officer, Jody brings a sense of pride to every project and a personal touch to every advising experience.Learn more

Assistant Director of Learning Environments

He’s an Assistant Director of Learning Environments who worked his way up from a student AV tech position. This rock-star-turned-family-man provides support for advanced learning technology in hundreds of classrooms as well as labs and Digital Unions at Ohio State. After hours, be sure to ask him about his latest home brew or taco recipe.Learn more

Front-end Developer

She’s a Front-end Developer for OCIO and ODEE websites who helps fulfill and share the mission of the university on a daily basis. Currently, Moe is working on rebranding the Ohio State Online site where prospective students get all the information they need to start online degree programs. In her off hours, this concert goer has recently settled into the devoted dog mom role.Learn more

Technical Lead, The Enterprise Project

He’s made a career wrangling major upgrades for the university’s human resources, student and financials systems. He was lured away from the Air Force by the mission of the university (and the tuition benefits), and we hooked him for 11 years and counting. After hours you can find him wrangling his two rugrats or playing bass.Learn more

Web Designer

This Web Designer spends his time creating accessible and appealing websites that reach a wide range of the university community. From advertising to academia, Jesse was drawn to Ohio State where his work directly impacts the lives of students. This surprising Slytherin can be found slinking in and out of local coffee shops and cinemas. If you get a chance, ask him about his vegan cookbooks!Learn more

Systems Administrator III

This Infrastructure Systems Engineer from ODEE works primarily behind the scenes, but he is using technology to advance the education of tens of thousands of people. NBD. He’s a consumer tech geek with a passion for cameras and drones, but his IT career all started with a Commodore 64. Outside Ohio State, you might find Rick singing in his church choir or smoking meats in his backyard.Learn more

Security Associate

This assessor of risk for Enterprise Security can be found arming clients with actionable information about new technology offerings. He’s a Food Science major and strength training buff that stumbled into the world of IT. He digs the work-life balance and educational opportunities provided by the university, as well as having the chance to work with such great people.Learn more

Associate Director of Application Development

This former pharmacy assistant has been with Ohio State for nearly eight years, and he says we’re the best group of people he’s ever worked with (d’awww). He left India for Ohio to avoid death-by-crocodile (and perhaps to work on his PhD). When he’s not at Mount Hall, this wildlife enthusiast can be found eating El Vaquero, trekking the Serengeti or watching super hero movies with his two boys.Learn more

Java Engineer

He’s a java engineer (sadly, NOT a fancy coffee creator) on the Web & Mobile team. Although he loves working with the people at Ohio State, he would jump at the chance to get away to a beautiful beachy island. When he’s not delving into web frameworks in OCIO, Nick can be found exploring local bars and frequenting his favorite pizza shop.Learn more

Senior Security Analyst

Becky comes to us with a passion for information security and a fascination with technology. This former juggler and auctioneer can be found in Mount Hall talking to stakeholders and spreading awareness about phishing. Outside of the office, you can find her passing messages via ham radio—no, really! Although she’d rather be in the tropics or Paris, Becky is enjoying her role at The Ohio State University.Learn more

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

You’ve heard her name and read it on emails, but you may not have met this Wes Anderson-loving writer. She dreamed of being a fossil finder, but lucky for us, digging up new ways to communicate to students also keeps her satisfied.Learn more

Instructional Designer

This month, John Muir from ODEE is in the spotlight! This instructional designer works with online degree programs, and he loves being able to shape the direction of the online learning experience. This former robot, kilt-wearer and rock star is also a fan of eco-horror-sci-fi books and symphony orchestras. You can find him in St John Arena designing courses or at Arepazo eating Latin American food…or across the border in Latin America! Learn more

Application and Operations Manager

This month, the spotlight falls on OCIO employee Julie Wuebker. This Application and Operations Manager for BuckeyeLearn is loving being a part of the university, especially having the opportunity to help her fellow Buckeyes grow professionally. Julie has worked with wrestlers, trainers, pun writers and theatre folk, yet the OCIO is still challenging enough for her passions. If you happen to run into her at ADC, ask about her superhero children and mad Rock Band skillz.Learn more