Digital Digest

July 2021

Sunset behind Oxley Statue

As many of our students are off campus during the summer, like all of our colleges and business units, IT teams are hard at work. We are streamlining and strengthening our technology infrastructure to ensure all of our systems are updated and ready to support the university as we return to campus for autumn semester. Get caught up on the latest technology available to you and learn more about what we have planned for fall. 

Latest Tech News

Student Accounts Moving to OneDrive this Summer

We will complete student accounts' file migrations before autumn semester begins in August. When students return for the 2021-22 academic year, they will no longer need to access BuckeyeBox. Read more about the BuckeyeBox-to-OneDrive migration on our project page.

Autumn 2021 Technology Guidance for MITS Partners

We want to ensure that our MITS partners' technology needs are met to kick off a successful academic year. The IT Service Desk is available 24/7 to answer questions and help with issues that arise. Contact ITSD through its online portal, or contact 614-688-4357 (press option 3 if you are a MITS partner). 

College Ready Ohio Helps Schools Move Online 

College Ready Ohio, a collaboration between Ohio State and local school districts, helped Hillard schools pivot to online learning. The program, which concluded in 2018, was designed to prepare Ohio’s K-12 students to enter higher education by implementing more engaging and relevant learning experiences. 

Making Learning More Accessible

Digital Accessibility Three-Year Plan

Each unit's Digital Accessibility plan is part of our roadmap to achieving the university’s five goals for a digitally accessible Ohio State. Your leadership is essential to ensuring that full accessibility is achieved by December 31, 2023.

Pronoun Feature Now Available in CarmenZoom

You can now add pronouns to your display name and make them visible across all your meetings, if desired. Students, instructors and staff have been asking for a consistent way to share pronouns, and Zoom added the feature in their latest Zoom release.

Defining Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning

As you learn more about taking online classes, you may come across the terms “asynchronous” and “synchronous." We've created a concise article to let you know the difference, so you can consider how your classes will fit into your life along with your other responsibilities.