Learner Technology Handbook

Group of students in a classroom all looking at an iPad together

Note: Much of the information in this Handbook previsously called "Digital Flagship Handbook" applies to technology kits issued fall 2018 through spring 2022. Changes were made to the Digital Flagship initiative after spring 2022.

The Learner Technology Handbook is a collection of resources connected to iPad kits and using all technology at the university. From understanding how to personalize your iPad to submitting class assignments in the correct formats to keeping yourself safe online, this guide gives you the foundations to use technology confidently at Ohio State. 

We've organized the information into chapters, but you don't have to go in order. Browse around, read it cover to cover or come back when you have a question you would like to answer. 

Chapter 1 - Get Started: This section covers how to use technology, basic troubleshooting and pertinent policy documents and recording guidelines. 

Chapter 2 - iPad Essentials: Learn how to get the most out of your iPad and customize features so they work for you. 

Chapter 3 - Recommended Apps: Learn how to get recommended apps and what these apps can do for your experience at Ohio State. 

Chapter 4 - Digital Wellness: Learn about mindful tech use and cybersecurity best practices to keep your files and devices secure.