Ohio State Mobile App

Ohio State is a big place and it can feel a little overwhelming at first. Fortunately, the Ohio State app will help you navigate campus, locate transportation and find the resources you need to succeed. 

With the Ohio State app you can… 

  • Locate buildings on campus 
  • Find out where the nearest CABS stop is located 
  • View real-time bus tracking 
  • See what events are coming up (athletic and otherwise)! 
  • Find names and emails through 'find people' 
  • Locate parking 
  • Find nearby libraries and dining halls 
  • Check BuckID balance 
  • Check your class schedule 
  • Much more! New features are added throughout the year, be sure to keep your app up to date.  


Logging In

The Ohio State app is available on the Apple App Store and is available for download through Self Service. The app will present general content prior to you signing in as a student at Ohio State. Follow these steps to sign in:  

  1. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Self Service  
  2. Tap on the Ohio State app to open it 
  3. Along the top left side of the screen, tap “Sign In.”
  4. The app will prompt you to enter your Ohio State credentials (lastname.# and password) 
  5. Tap Sign In after entering your information


Important Features

For You

The For You tab has curated information just for you. You’ll find upcoming events, tips on how to manage stress, links to job opportunities, volunteer/charity events and more. The For You tab is tailored to your experience as a student and the information will change as you progress through your time at Ohio State.

About You

The About You tab provides several helpful tools including: 

  • Carmen: Access courses, your assignment calendar, and review a list of upcoming assignments due in your courses 
  • Class Schedule: view your current classes listed for you with location, day, and time, a weekly calendar and your complete schedule history from past terms
  • BuckID: Check your BuckID account balance and transaction history and see a list of stores and restaurants that accept BuckID payment 
  • Grades: Check your final term grades as well as check your grades that are listed on Carmen 
  • Statement of Account: Check your bursar account balance and any transactions 
  • Advising: Find your advisor, their email and notes from previous meetings with your advisor 


The Wellness tab has support tips and university resources that can support your mental health and well being.  

  • News and Tips: Read articles that change as the year progresses to help you through commonly faced problems at that time. 
  • Set and Track Goals: Commit to daily, weekly and monthly goals that you can take to improve your holistic wellness.
  • Proactive Wellness: Create an individual wellness plan for yourself by setting wellness strategies and individualized rewards.
  • Support Resources at Ohio State: Review a list of barriers to holistic wellness that are commonly faced by Ohio State students as well as university resources that are available to you.  

On Campus

As a new student, the 'On Campus' section will help you to find your way around campus. Here are some important features to help you as you navigate campus:  
Buses: Review the bus loops located on your campus and find out when a bus will arrive at a stop near you.  
Campus Map: Search for buildings on campus to help you arrive to class or your appointments on time.
Safety Resources: Access safety resources at any time of day if you feel unsafe on campus or want to take precautionary measures if you live off-campus.


The Academics tab will help you stay informed on important deadlines within the academic calendar and quickly find courses that you can take as a student.  

  • Academic Calendar: Scroll through a list of dates on the academic calendar to ensure you don’t miss important deadlines for dropping or adding classes.  
  • Course Search: Search for courses you find interesting or explore a department’s course offerings.

Campus Life

The Campus Life tab will help you stay engaged with your fellow Buckeyes and find student organizations that will keep you involved during your time as a student.  

  • Events: Read through a list of daily events that are taking place on campus and add them to your calendar.  
  • Student Organizations: Search and scroll through a list of student organizations and how to join them.
  • Athletics: Read information about Ohio State’s athletic teams and how to attend their games.

Get Help

The Get Help tab lists ways of finding help and steps you can take in an emergency situation.

Resources to Remember