10 Things to Do on Your iPad

Note: This applies to technology kits issued fall 2018 through spring 2022. Changes were made to the Digital Flagship initiative after spring 2022.

Now that your iPad is set up, you can download apps and log into important accounts to make the most of your technology experience at Ohio State. Use this list as a guide for iPad next steps.  


1. Download Apps 

You need an Apple ID to download apps on your iPad. If you’re new to using Apple products, you probably created one during iPad set up. Read more about creating an Apple ID if you need assistance. 

Then, start downloading apps in Apple’s App Store. 


2. Register Duo: Mobile (Yes, on Your iPad Too) 

Most university systems will require you to validate your identity with Duo: Mobile. It’s important to have Duo registered on multiple devices, just in case. Trust us, you don’t want to be locked out of an account right before an assignment is due! Learn how to register Duo: Mobile on multiple devices


3. Check Your BuckeyeMail 

Love it or hate it, email will be a primary method of communication in college. You’ll need to check it often. We’ve heard that some students use email forwarding and send their BuckeyeMail emails to a personal email account (like Gmail) for convenience. Don’t do this! BuckeyeMail won’t forward all the emails because it has strong security settings, and you’ll end up missing a lot of important information.  

Download Outlook instead so that you don’t miss any emails. Learn how to manage your email account with Outlook. You can also access your email in any web browser. If you prefer to check your email this way, bookmark buckeyemail.osu.edu


4. Open Carmen and Download Canvas Student 

Assignments, online courses and hybrid courses are found in CarmenCanvas (we usually call it Carmen). Download the mobile app, called Canvas Student, and navigate to carmen.osu.edu on a mobile browser to explore. The mobile app and website are little different, so it’s best to be familiar with the app and the website.  

Learn more about Carmen.


5. Back Up Your Files 

Choose a cloud storage app to automatically back up your files so that you can access them anywhere, even if you don’t have your iPad with you. Back up your files for peace of mind; whether your iPad loses its charge, or you forget it at home, you’ll be able to access your files on any device.  

OneDrive has 1 terabyte of free storage for Ohio State students, and iCloud easily integrates with your Apple ID. Some students prefer to use Google Drive or DropBox. It doesn’t matter what app you use if you’re backing up your work! 


6. Explore Digital Notetaking Apps 

Ohio State students tell us that notetaking is their favorite way to use their iPad. Taking notes on the iPad is customizable because you can write and draw with the Apple Pencil or type notes with the Smart Keyboard. Plus, it’s convenient to carry less when you save all your notes on a single device. If you forget your iPad or it loses charge, you can still review your notes on any device as long as you’ve backed them up using a cloud storage app. 

Need a digital notetaking app recommendation? Check out OneNote, which is free for Ohio State students. 


7. Manage Your Wellness 

Ohio State created an app specifically for your wellness called Ohio State: Wellness. You can set personal goals, read about different categories of wellness like mental, physical and relational wellness, and access support resources. Want to learn how to be digitally well? Read more about starting a mindful technology practice

Open the Ohio State: Wellness app on your iPad to get started. Download it on your phone while you’re at it! P.S. You can also access the Wellness app features on the Ohio State app


8. Access Ohio State Account Information 

Use BuckeyeLink in a browser on your iPad to manage your Ohio State account. Check your to-do list, pay your bursar bill, check your class schedule and access your grades. While you're at it, check out OnCourse, where you can easily sign up for advising appointments


9. Download Microsoft 365 Apps on Multiple Devices 

You get to use Microsoft 365 for free as an Ohio State student. That means you don’t need to worry about purchasing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote or other Microsoft apps. Plus, you can download the Office 365 apps on your iPad, a laptop or desktop computer and your phone.  


10. Get Technology Help 

Sometimes technology doesn’t work the way we expect it to, and sometimes we need some guidance about how to use an app. We’ve got solutions for both situations!  

If your iPad is malfunctioning or broken, go to our Tech Help and Repairs page.