Troubleshooting in College

Technology is great until it doesn’t work the way we expect it to. Learn about on-campus and remote tech support services at Ohio State and how to troubleshoot your device on your own. 


    Who You Can Contact: Ohio State Resources

    When basic troubleshooting doesn’t solve the problem, Ohio State has in-person and remote tech support services to help you. All services are free for you to use as a student. 

    Call or Email: IT Service Desk 

    Create a ticket online, email, or make a call to get tech support from the IT Service Desk 24/7.

    • If you’re attending Ohio State Newark, please call 740-366-9244
    • If you’re attending CFAES Wooster, please call 614-514-4848


    Visit in Person: Campus Locations

    Visit a tech support location on your campus. Each location has different hours of operation. Follow the links below to confirm when your location is open. 

    • CFAES Wooster: Visit the library and tell a staff member about your needs or go to the IT Service Desk page.  


    CarmenCanvas Help

    • Contact your instructor to make sure the material was uploaded or that the files or assignment is visible to you in Carmen.
    • Fill out a Carmen Help Request if the problem continues. This online form can help you resolve technical issues with Carmen. 


    What You Can Do: Troubleshooting on Your Own

    Search Our Resources

    Read or watch tutorials and check the status of the university system that you’re using to troubleshoot on your own. 

    • OhioStateIT on YouTube brings you tech tutorials directly from Ohio State.
    • OTDI System Status page shows the status of campus-wide services including Wi-Fi, CarmenCanvas, BuckeyePass and Office 365. If there’s an outage, it will appear here. 
    • Knowledge Base articles are tutorials with step-by-step instructions for technology supported by Ohio State. 


    iPad Troubleshooting

    Learn how to troubleshoot common problems on the iPad or its accessories. 

    iPad and App Errors

    • Reboot the device. Often, rebooting your device can mysteriously fix a problem. Try turning the device off and then back on; then check if the problem persists. 
    • Delete and reinstall the app. Just be sure to back up any data before you delete it.
    • Update to the latest iPadOS version. Older versions of operating systems aren’t always supported by certain apps. Make sure your OS is the most recent version.

    iPad Air 4 Troubleshooting 

    • iPad Air 4 (distributed to students in the 2021-2022 academic year) users should still follow the above-mentioned steps when troubleshooting their device. If issues arise with your case or other physical aspects of the device (which are different from previous iPads), contact Ohio State resources through the options mentioned towards the bottom of this page.  
    • iPad Air 4 uses the second generation of Apple Pencil, so see below for troubleshooting if issues arise.  


    • Disconnect and reconnect the keyboard if it’s not working. Sometimes reconnecting can solve the problem. 
    • Clean the Smart Connector contact points with a dry, clean cloth on both the iPad and Smart Keyboard and then reconnect. 

    Apple Pencil

    • Check the charge of your Apple Pencil’s battery.
    • Make sure it’s connected via Bluetooth. Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting to Bluetooth solves the problem.
    • Tighten the tip of the pencil by screwing it all the way to right. If the tip is secure and you’re still having trouble, try your replacement tip. Both Apple Pencils use the same style of tip.  
    • Adjust app settings. Certain apps have Apple Pencil sensitivity settings, so if you’re having trouble on a particular app check out the app’s settings. 

    First Generation Apple Pencil  

    • The first generation of Apple Pencil is compatible with iPad Air 3 and earlier. This version of Apple Pencil plugs directly into the charging port and does not magnetically connect to the side of the device.  
    • In addition to checking the charge and ensuring it’s connected via Bluetooth, be sure that the app you are using allows for Apple Pencil.  

    Second Generation Apple Pencil  

    • The second generation of Apple Pencil is only compatible with iPad Air 4th Generation and later. Users should note that the second-generation Apple Pencil does not charge by plugging into the iPad, but instead charges when it magnetically connects to the side of the device.  
    • The second generation still functions the same as previous Apple Pencils. Be sure to check the charge and make sure it’s connected via Bluetooth using the linked directions first if you have any issues. If the Apple Pencil has trouble connecting or charging, press the Pencil down firmly in the case slot until you see a notification that it is charging. Check to ensure the tip of the pencil is connected, and ensure an app supports the use of your specific Apple Pencil before usage.  


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