Secure Email (OSUSecure)

Email encryption is available to all Ohio State email accounts through our email security vendor, Proofpoint.

Protecting the data entrusted to university is the responsibility of everyone at the institution. When it is appropriate to share protected, restricted, or limited access data, every effort should be made to provide access using a secure delivery method other than email – however, there may be cases where email must be used to transmit sensitive data. In those cases, email encryption can be utilized to protect the message from being read by anyone other than the intended recipient.

Before you send an encrypted email, be sure that:

  • You are sending the email from an Ohio State-managed email account, 
  • The recipient(s) are at an email domain that is outside of the university,
  • The information you are sending is appropriate for the recipient(s),
  • The message or institutional data should be encrypted, and
  • Other secure delivery options are not available or preferable.

Learn How to USe Proofpoint Email Encryption