Tableau is a data visualization tool that facilitates using data to extract useful information for making decisions.

Tableau is used at Ohio State in two formats: Server and Desktop. Note: Ohio State users should be using Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep version 2022.1 (or later).

  • Tableau Server is used to view published reports - worksheets and dashboards in Tableau - and create simple ad hoc reports. Most university report users will use Tableau Server and is accessed through a browser or mobile solution.
  • Tableau Desktop is used by report developers and data analysts to create reports that can be published to a broader audience via Tableau Server or to address the unique data needs of their college or unit. The software must be installed directly on your computer.

Already a Tableau user? Join the Ohio State University Tableau User Group MS Teams channel. If you are unable to access MS Teams, please contact Sarah Murphy.

Note: This service is best viewed at a minimum resolution of 1366 x 768px.

Maintenance: Tableau maintenance occurs twice a year in addition to interim ad-hoc updates and security patches. Tableau downtime notifications are sent to the Tableau User Group and will be communicated via the System Status page.

System Status: Experiencing an issue with Tableau? Check System Status for current maintenance or outage information about Tableau (Data Visualization - Server Access) and other university systems. You can enable Service Subscriptions to receive immediate email and/or text messages about system outages.

Accessibility: If you have a disability and need to request Tableau data in an alternative format, please email


Tableau Retrospective

2022: Three Years of Tableau Blog Series

2022 marks the 3-year anniversary of Ohio State’s Tableau roll-out. In January 2022, the Data and Analytics team released an online survey to gather data and gain insights from the last three years of Tableau use at the university. The survey findings and user testimonials were used to build a three years of Tableau blog series.

Use the links listed to jump to individual posts or use the three years of Tableau blog tag to revisit the series all at once.



Tableau Access

How can I obtain or renew a Tableau license key?

Tableau Desktop software must be installed direcly on your PC or laptop. This requires a valid license product key which is provided with purchase. For information about Tableau Desktop access, review the Tableau Access information found in the Administrative Resource Center (ARC).

How do I get access to Tableau? Who is my area’s Tableau Project Leader?

To obtain access in Tableau, submit a request through ServiceNow

Complete these fields:

  • Request Type: New Account/Access
  • Tableau Project Name: Indicate your area*
    • "None" is an acceptable value for area.
  • Role: Report users

If you are looking for your area's project leader, review the Tableau Project Leader list. If you do not see a Project Leader for your area and would like one, contact

I’m a Tableau Server Project Leader, and I’m trying to provide someone access to my project (or dashboard), but they’re not appearing in the list of users.

The process for adding or changing access uses ServiceNow. Use this ServiceNow link to initiate a Self Service request. If you have questions about the process or need assistance, contact

What Tableau dashboards/data sources exist from an enterprise standpoint?

The list of available Tableau dashboards/data sources is available through this Certified Enterprise Dashboards and Data Sources link.

I’m a student and need Tableau access for a class.

Students may download Tableau Desktop for one-year, free of charge. Verification of student status is required. For more information, please check out Tableau Student.


Tableau Usage

How can I develop a Tableau dashboard using departmental data located in local files (Excel, CSV, etc.) and/or departmental databases?

In order to develop Tableau dashboards using departmental data, you’ll need the Tableau Desktop software, and a valid license.

It is imperative for developers to ensure proper security is enforced with certain types of data. Please work with your Tableau Server Project Leader for things like managing group memberships and permissions, establishing database connections and sensitive data guidance.

Additionally, if you’d like to share your dashboard, please see the next answer below.

Who should I contact and what is the process to make sure it is OK to share a dashboard?

Your first contact will be with your Tableau Server Project Leaders. If you have a sharable dashboard, the Project Leader will work with the data steward community to ensure sharing the data contained in the dashboard is OK.

What kind of data can I upload to the Tableau Server?

Please verify what data is OK to upload with your area’s Tableau Server Project Leader.

How can I share my Tableau dashboard? How can I control who can see my dashboard?

To share your dashboard, you would use Tableau Server to publish it. To ensure access, you would work with your Tableau Server Project Leader, please contact this individual with your request. Please see the list of Tableau Server Project Leaders. If you’d like to use the Tableau Server, and your department does NOT have a Tableau Server Project Leader, and you’d like to become one, please submit a request briefly explaining your situation to

Your Tableau Project Leader has the ability to set permissions on every view/dashboard in their project folder. The project leader will work closely with the publishers/developers and the data stewards to ensure data is secured and only visible to users who have access to see that data.

How do I protect my workbook from being edited or downloaded by someone not in my desired group?

You will work with your Tableau Project Leader to apply security to your dashboards so users cannot edit/download data/download your dashboard.

How can I develop content in Tableau using an enterprise data source, like the Operational Data Store (ODS)?

Please refer to the Certified Enterprise Dashboards and Data Sources link. This will list all certified enterprise data sources. You may connect in Tableau Desktop from Connections – Tableau Server.

How can I consume a Tableau dashboard that I know exists on the Tableau Server?

Each department has their own Tableau Server Project Leader who maintains access to their department’s dashboards. For the dashboard that you’d like to access, you should contact that department’s Tableau Server Project Leader. If you would like to see who the Tableau Server Project leaders are, please refer to the list of Tableau Server Project Leaders.


Tableau Tech Questions

Who do I work with to get connections/firewall setup?

In the event you would like to connect to a data source and you are having issues with connecting to the data source, first reach out to your local IT support team to ensure your connections are valid. If you still cannot connect to your data source, reach out to

How do I register my Tableau Desktop software?

  • Choose “Activate by signing in to a server” from the options shown in the screen shot below.
  • Input ““
  • Login through the DUO push process.


I’m a Tableau developer and would like to use the Ohio State standards with my dashboard

I receive a "Invalid username or password" error message when I log into Tableau

This is most likely due to a caching issue. You can clear your browser cache, use incognito (Chrome), or choose an alternate browser.

Who may I contact when I have Tableau technical issues?

Your first point of contact should always be your Tableau Project Leader. If your Project Leader cannot resolve your issue, they will reach out to the Tableau Server Administrators to address the problem.

How do I sign up for a Tableau Doctor session?

You may register using the Tableau Doctor session link.


Need Help?

Contact your Tableau Server Project Leader for guidance.