Tableau Server Project Leaders

Local Tableau Server Project Leaders oversee the use of Tableau for their specific area. This includes acting as a first point of contact for publishing workbooks and data sources, licensing, and permissions.

Select the button below to access the Tableau Server Project Leader listing and identify the leader for your college or unit.

Tableau Server Project Leader listing


Project Leaders have administrative access to a project, its child projects and all workbooks and data sources in those projects. Listed are actions Project Leaders may take in a project.

  • Change extract refresh schedule
  • Modify any workbooks (web edit or re-publish)
  • Change workbook owner
  • Change data source owner
  • Delete workbooks
  • Change project, workbook, or data source permissions
  • Create or delete sub project folders


Best Practices

  • Whenever possible, avoid setting permissions at the "view" level. Tableau permissions may be configured at the project, workbook, and individual view level. While it is possible to have exception to the rule, this may quickly spiral out of control from a management perspective.
  • Utilize user groups for access management to grant permissions – as opposed to assigning to individuals.
  • Use the option to have sub folders and workbooks inherit permissions from the top level project – this means setting access in one place as opposed to many.
  • Monitor and remove stale content from your project – this includes unused sub folders and workbooks.
  • Folder organization is key. Workbooks with a common purpose or common audience should be grouped together to improve navigation.


Tableau Permissions and Security

Check out the "Security" section of the Administrative Resource Center (ARC) Tableau page