Data Catalog

The data catalog is a critical tool that supports the data governance mission, by providing a repository for storing business definitions and metadata about key datasets, reports, domains, and stewards.

In 2019, representatives from across campus and the medical center came together to discuss data catalog requirements and evaluate possible tools. In late 2019, the university entered into a contract with Collibra, a vendor that provides tools to support data governance, including a repository for storing business definitions, metadata and where and how to find data.

Collibra is in use in higher education, including Stanford and the UC Davis Medical Center. Visit the Collibra website for more information.

Collibra is available 24/7, except for 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. during the last Sunday of the month.



What is Collibra?

Collibra is software that the university has licensed to provide data cataloging and data governance functionality. The first set of contents in Collibra will support Workday Release 1 and contain a catalog of reports, datasets and terms with definitions.  Contents will grow over time as more data domains are defined and more content is loaded into the catalog. Collibra also supports the Data Governance program with stewardship functionality.

How do I get access to Collibra?

To request access to Collibra, go to and click the Request Access link.

What do I see when I click on “Block O” on the top left Collibra toolbar?

Clicking on the “Block O” will take you to the dashboard you last visited within Collibra.

What can I interact with or do with the data in Collibra?

Users may interact with the metadata in Collibra by rating, commenting, and even requesting information that is not provided. Interacting with the data available in Collibra will help create a more comprehensive catalog and help improve understanding of Ohio State’s data assets.

Did Ohio State always have a data catalog?

Previously, Ohio State used a product called Data Cookbook while the OSU Wexner Medical Center used Informatica IGC product, which are both retired. Both are now implementing Collibra in partnership for the entire Ohio State community to create a shared catalog. This opportunity allows users to expand the catalog and make it better and more comprehensive.

How do I make sure someone sees my comment?  

Comments can be added to any type of asset in Collibra. When you select an asset, scroll down to the bottom of the page where comments are displayed. Your name will be shown above your comment and comments will workflow to stewards for review and action.

How do I submit a suggestion for a new term?  

You can select the "Propose Business Term" button from Quick actions which will open a form window. Type the suggested term and associated information. Note that only the Name and Type are required. Select "Propose" and the request will be routed to the appropriate data steward(s) for review and approval. Once the data stewards process and approve it, all users will be able to see the new term and its definition.

How do I know who the domain steward is for an area?

You can view the domain steward on the "Responsibilities" page. Select "Browse" from the top left toolbar, then pick any domain from the organization hierarchy. On the domain page, click the "Responsibilities" link from the left panel and you will be able to see the individuals assigned to stewardship roles in that domain. If you see "Inherited" above the steward or member name, it implies that they are inheriting the responsibility from higher level in the current domain structure. Another way to view the domain steward is by clicking on the grid situated at the rightmost corner of the toolbar and selecting "Stewardship." Select domain from the Ohio State University data domain structure to view the stewardship roles.

How do ratings work? (what types of assets you can rate and how the ratings calculate)

Users may rate quality of reports or data sets by adding ratings to them. Ratings range from 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent quality. To view or rate a report or data set, one can visit the respective asset page and scroll down to get to Ratings. The cumulative ratings are an average of all individual ratings added by users.

How does Collibra support the Data Governance program? 

The priorities of the Data Governance program at Ohio State are Trust and Transparency. Collibra supports both objectives by providing a place to catalog reports and datasets so that they can be easily searched and located for use in analysis once appropriate access approval has been completed. Definitions are available for business terms or data elements to help users select the appropriate data for use in analysis and reporting. In addition, comments and ratings help users understand the quality level of datasets and which are better than others for certain use cases.

What do I do if my area has reports or datasets that we would like to have listed in the data catalog?

To work with the Data Governance team to add content to the Collibra data catalog, please email with a brief description of what you are interested in adding to the catalog and a member of the team will contact you for more specifics. The email will create a ticket in ServiceNow and you may track the status of the ticket as you would any other service request.

Is any training available for Collibra?

Collibra has training and support materials available on its website called Collibra University. Anyone with an email address may sign up for a Collibra University account and access a wide variety of online courses available from the Collibra University. (NOTE:  Our custom training portal is forthoming.)


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