Industrial Control System Assessment

The Industrial Control System Assessment service offers risk assessments of industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) services and devices such as building, agricultural, and manufacturing devices, services, and facilities. 

This service is designed to technically assess the security posture and risk of an ICS or OT facility, system, or device. DST works with units to develop a scope of testing, conduct both technical and administrative assessments, and report assessment results. These assessments can take the form of building assessments, network segmentation reviews, or general attack surface evaluations for the purposes of general security or compliance requirements. 

Units can utilize this service to: 

  • Request an administrative or technical security assessment(s) of a new or existing ICS/OT facility, service, application, or device 

  • Request a technical evaluation of the security of a university ICS/OT facility, service, application, or device not covered by other vulnerability assessment tools 

  • Request a risk assessment of ICS/OT infrastructure to meet compliance or legal requirements 


Request the Service 

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