Getting Ready for Upcoming Buckeye Buy Changes

We are less than a month from being able to order goods and services directly in Workday. Here are steps you should take to prepare for this transition: 

  • Confirm/Update your default work space. “Work Space” is used as your deliver-to address for orders. It must include a floor and room number. If your work space is not correct or complete, you cannot submit the requisition. View the post on how to confirm and update your work space which was shared earlier this year.
  • Add the “Requisitions” app to applications section. This app shows you the status of orders placed for you and on your behalf. 

Follow these steps to add the Requisitions app

1. Log into Workday.

2. On the homepage, click “View All Apps."

3. Click “Add Apps” button.

4. Type “Requisitions” in the search bar.

5. Click the add “+” button next to “Requisitions.” 

    • Confirm/Request access to other companies as needed for your position.


    Note that Supplier contracts are now company-specific. If you need access to view supplier contracts for other companies, submit an access management request for the companies needed. For more information on this change, read the earlier post which was shared in a prior edition of NewsLink.