"Delegation History - OSU" Tableau Report Enhancements

Effective Monday, June 3, the Tableau report "Delegation History - OSU" has been enhanced to include the new fields and search features listed below. 

  • A new field “Specified Business Process Types” has been added to the report. The new field groups business process delegations into the business process types of: Finance HR, Time Off, and Other. If a user has delegated all business processes for approval, then all four categories will display in the "Specified Business Process Types" field. If a user has delegated only certain business processes, then based on their delegation selections the field will populate only the corresponding process types. The “Specified Business Process Types” filter has also been added to the report. 

  • The worker profile fields listed below were added to the report to provide additional transparency.

    • Delegating Worker Job Profile

    • Delegate Job Profile

  • The “For All Business Processes” field was removed from the filter section.