Recent and Upcoming Reporting Enhancements as of March 25

Find Supplier Invoice Details - OSU Enhancements:

The "Find Supplier Invoice Details - OSU" report has been enhanced to include a column on the output of the report for the Unit Cost. Additionally, the Distribution Quantity column has been adjusted so that the quantity will now display even when the supplier invoice line has worktags that are split by amount rather than quantity. Previously, supplier invoice lines with worktags split by amount instead of quantity returned a distribution quantity of zero.


Credit Card Transactions - OSU Enhancements:

The report "Credit Card Transactions - OSU" has been enhanced to include two new columns. The report will now include the "Card Embossed Name" as well as the "Expense Report Approval Date" when applicable. 


Enhancement to Asset Reports:

An enhancement has been made to the "OSU - Find Assets" and "Asset Physical Custody" reports.  The output of these reports now display the field "Disposal Type" instead of "Disposal Method."


Business Processes Awaiting Action Suite Enhancements:

Two new columns have been added to the output of the "Business Processes Awaiting Action - Details" reports.  The new fields include the "Created Date" and the "Total Amount."


Report Retirements:

On Friday, March 29, the reports "In Progress Business Processes by Cost Center" and "In Progress Business Processes by Cost Center for Company Level Security" will be decommissioned. The recommended replacements for these reports are those in the "Business Processes Awaiting Action" suite. You can use the "Schedule A Report" task and run" Business Processes Awaiting Action Report Group" to view transactions in workflow. Additionally, the dashboard "Business Processes Awaiting Action" can be leveraged to view real time data of transactions awaiting approval steps.