Recent and Upcoming Reporting Enhancements as of March 11

Find Supplier Invoice Request Summary and Detail Report Enhancements:

Enhancements have been made to both the "Find Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Summary - OSU" and "Find Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Detail - OSU" reports. The prompts for Cost Center Hierarchy 6, 7, and 8 have been replaced with one prompt for all Cost Center Hierarchies. Users with previously saved filters on the CCH6, 7, or 8 prompts will need to re-save filters. Additionally, a column has been added to the output of the report to denote the Supporting Documentation Transaction Number field used for wire-related transactions.


Coming Soon: Business Processes Awaiting Action Dashboard Changes:

To improve performance on the "Business Processes Awaiting Action" dashboard, changes will be made to the Requisition report on the dashboard. This report will be changed to remove requisitions that are Successfully Completed but awaiting the Requisition Sourcing Buyer step. This is being removed due to issues with the report rendering on the dashboard due to the data source size. End users can still leverage the "Business Processes Awaiting Action - Requisition Summary" report to pull all requisitions awaiting an approval step, regardless of status.  Additionally, the Business Processes Awaiting Action Report Group will still include requisitions awaiting any approval step. Only the dashboard report is impacted by this change. The report tied to the dashboard will be "Business Processes Awaiting Action - Requisition Summary – Draft/In Progress Only" report. 


Coming Soon: Saved Filters on Find Supplier Invoice Reporting:

On March 18, changes will be made to prompts on the "Find Supplier Invoice Summary - OSU" and "Find Supplier Invoice Details - OSU" reports. Many existing prompts are being replaced with more efficient prompts to allow the report run time to improve. Prompt naming will remain the same with the exception of the Cost Center Hierarchy prompt fields. All existing CCH fields will be replaced with one singular prompt for all Cost Center Hierarchies.   

Users with existing saved filters on the following prompts will need to re-save filters as shown below.

  • Find Supplier Invoice Summary - OSU
    • Line Company, Line Cost Center Hierarchy 6, 7, & 8, Grant Hierarchies, Line Worktags, Line Spend Category 
  •  Find Supplier Invoice Details - OSU
    • Line Cost Center Hierarchy 6, 7, & 8, and Supplier 


Coming Soon: Business Process Approval Times - Supplier Invoice Reporting:

To coincide with changes to workflow on supplier invoices, the Grants Operation Center Rep approval time will be added to both the "Business Approval Times - Supplier Invoice Summary" and "Business Process Approval Times - Supplier Invoice Detail" reports during the week of March 18.