Recent and Upcoming Reporting Enhancements as of Feb 10.

Coming Soon: Business Processes Awaiting Action – Journals:

Two new reports, "Business Processes Awaiting Action – Journal Summary" and "Business Processes Awaiting Action – Journal Detail" will soon be released to expand on the "Business Processes Awaiting Action" report suite. These two reports will also be added to the report group "Business Processes Awaiting Action Report Group" and the corresponding dashboard. This reporting will allow end users to locate journals that still have review and approval steps left in the business process.  

Find Journals – OSU Enhancement: 

The Workday report "Find Journals – OSU" has been updated to include the "Created Date" for the journal on the report output. 

Internal Service Provider Billing Enhancements:

The report Internal Service Provider Billing has been enhanced to include additional worktag columns in the output of the report, due to changes to the EIB template. Those columns include Grant Treatment, Sponsor, CSI Code, Prevailing Wage, and Academic Period.

Find Purchase Order Summary – OSU Enhancements:

The report Find Purchase Order Summary – OSU has been enhanced to include additional columns on the output of the report. Those columns include Cost Center Hierarchy 6, Cost Center Hierarchy 7, Cost Center Hierarchy 8 and Cost Center. 

Select Sources and Uses Reports Enhanced: 

Select reports in the Sources and Uses suite of reports have been enhanced to provide a better experience for infrequent users of financial reports. A summary of the changes, and a list of enhanced reports is below.  

Two enhancements have been applied to select Sources and Uses reports, to allow for easier viewing of financial health at a glance. When reviewing Variances between budget/plan and actuals, a negative value will always represent an adverse variance (i.e. shortages in sources, or over expenditures in uses). Additionally, analytic indicators have been added to provide at a glance insights into variances using a stop light style visualization (red for adverse, yellow for neutral, green for ideal). 

The changes have been applied to these reports.

  • Sources and Uses - Variance Analysis
  • Sources and Uses - Variance Analysis - Cost Center Drill
  • Sources and Uses - Variance Analysis - Operating Margin
  • Project Sources and Uses (Analytic Indicator only)