New "Business Processes Awaiting Action" Reports and Dashboard

A new series of reports has been released to help end users identify transactions that are still in draft status or have been submitted, but are pending approval steps. These reports also offer metrics to show the amount of time the transaction has been pending an approval step as well as length of time spent in progress. The business processes included in the new reports are Requisitions, Spend Authorizations, Expense Reports, Miscellaneous Payment Requests, Supplier Invoice Requests, Supplier Invoices and PO Change Orders.

There are two different styles of reports, a "Summary" version and a "Detail" version. The report naming conventions are "Business Processes Awaiting Action - (Transaction Type) Summary" or "Business Processes Awaiting Action - (Transaction Type) Detail." Additionally, a dashboard and a report group are available. Additional features are listed below.

  • The summary-style reports display the security groups awaiting action, number of transactions, days since assignment and days in progress.
  • The detail-style reports display one row per transaction and include the security group and persons awaiting action, days since assignment and days in progress. Basic funding information is also displayed in this reporting.
  • The dashboard, "Business Processes Awaiting Action - Finance/Supply Chain" displays all summary-style reports.
  • The report group "Business Processes Awaiting Action Report Group" allows end users to enter one set of prompts and have all reports download into one Excel file.