Recent Report Enhancements

Equity Balances by Balancing/Carry Forward Worktags – Summary 

The "Equity Balances by Balancing/Carry Forward Worktags – Summary" has been enhanced to provide additional insight, and align with other reports in the Equity Balances Suite of reports. 

A new column showing Ending Equity Balances, before Encumbrances has been added. This new column shows the Ending Equity position prior to any adjustments for encumbrances and pre-encumbrances. Additionally, the column order has been updated to match the other reports in the Equity Balances suite of reports. 

Sources and Uses by Fund Group 

The "Sources and Uses by Fund Group" report has been updated to show the top level of fund groups by default, which can then be drilled down further using the arrow/carrot toggles on the top of the report. 

The report has also been updated to auto expand the Sources and Uses to the Ledger Account Hierarchy level when the report is rendered. This will change the way the report is displayed by default, but can be collapsed if desired by using arrow/carrot toggles on the left side of the report. 

Find Journal Lines – OSU 

In anticipation of the new Internal Order Billing for Internal Service Providers two small enhancements will be made to the "Find Journal Lines – OSU" report to support this process and add additional transparency. 

A new field will be added to the report titled "Header External Reference ID" which will be used by Internal Service Providers during their revenue reconciliation process.  Additionally the existing field named "External Reference ID" will be renamed "Line External Reference ID" for clarity. 

Find Journals – OSU 

The "Find Journals – OSU" report has been enhanced to provide additional functionality to run by Cost Center Hierarchy, and show awaiting persons for journals that are "in process." 

A new prompt for Cost Center Hierarchy has been added to allow the report to be run by Cost Center Hierarchies. 

A new column has been added to the output of the report that will show the awaiting persons for all in process journals that are awaiting action.