"Find Spend Authorization Summary – OSU" Report Enhancements to Better Track Spend Authorizations Requiring International Travel AOU

The "Find Spend Authorization Summary – OSU" report has been enhanced to provide additional flexibility and insight into tracking the completion of the International Travel Acknowledgement of Understanding (AOU).  

 The fields listed below have been added to the report output.

  • "International AOU Required" - Shows "yes" if the Spend Authorization requires completion of the AOU questionnaire.
  • "International Travel AOU Acknowledgement Date" - Shows the date selected on the questionnaire if completed. If the questionnaire has not yet been completed, this will be blank. 


In addition, a checkbox has been added to the prompt (Spend Authorizations with International AOU Only), that when selected will only return results in the report that include an International Travel AOU questionnaire. To view only "in-process" Spend Authorizations, it is also recommended to use the status prompt filter as well.