OTDI Data Services Web Refresh

The webpages for Data Services information managed by the OTDI Data and Analytics team, have been reorganized into the OTDI Offerings webspace.

You can now use it.osu.edu/data as a starting point for learning more about the Data Services toolset and other related information, including TableauReporting and Analytics Environment/Data LakeData CatalogData Governance, and more. In addition, there is a more defined Getting Help section specific for data users.

Previously, OTDI Data and Analytics maintained a stand-alone Data@OSU web presence, but by integrating Data Services into the OTDI service offerings, it will be easier for the user community to discover these services within the context of other OTDI tools. The new pages also provide an improved look and feel fitting recent Ohio State branding enhancements. The former Data@OSU web address will be redirected temporarily to it.osu.edu/data.