Before a disruption in information technology (IT) services, units need to make a plan for how they’ll recover their data.  

Contact your unit's Disaster Recovery Coordinator to request and access pertinent disaster recovery plans. When storing disaster recovery plans, it’s best to use the 3 - 2 - 1 backup rule. This concept seeks to ensure that there are three copies of the data, in separate locations, and one copy is off-site.  

Find your Security Coordinator: Each Risk Management Entity (RME) has a dedicated security coordinator who works closely with IT stakeholders to ensure issues of security get addressed in a timely manner. An RME is an organization/area within the university which addresses and reports on information security, privacy, and technology risk. 

Get Assistance  

Use the Service Catalog or explore Digital Security and Trust’s services webpage to request assistance and connect to desired service offerings.  

System Outages 

If you are experiencing an issue with a service, check out the system status page. This can help identify issues with our systems quickly. If you are experiencing problems not identified on the system status page, contact the IT service desk

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