Program Benefits

Through governance and oversight, Disaster Recovery at Ohio State allows the university to maintain, resume, or restore mission-critical information resources and operations following a disruption of information technology (IT) services.  

Through well-defined activities and resources, the disaster recovery program provides the university with the ability to protect Ohio State’s IT services and institutional data from the effects of a disaster.

Having appropriate disaster recovery (DR) ensures that the university can conduct its teaching and learning, research, and academic health care mission while reaching its goals of operational excellence and resource stewardship.

DR provides:

  • Resiliency and recovery best practice knowledge to secure institutional data.

  • Defined activities, strategies, processes, and solutions for recovery planning and testing.  

  • University-wide system recovery information provided by DR Coordinators.

  • Recovery assessment and consultation.  

  • Coordination of disaster recovery representatives from across the university.

If your unit is interested in DR's consultation services, please visit the DR ServiceNow webpage or reach out to your DR Coordinator