Disaster Recovery at Ohio State

Through well-defined activities and resources, Disaster Recovery allows the university to maintain, resume or restore mission-critical systems and infrastructure following a disruption of information technology services.

Disaster Recovery Principles

Ohio State’s scope and scale, combined with the ever-increasing rate of change in information technology, requires a nimble and resilient approach to disaster recovery. Therefore, the program begins with a set of principles that articulate the program’s values and guide its goals. 

  • We recognize the importance of backing up and recovering our IT systems and data. 

  • We provide direction for the university to plan, test, and recover systems and data following a disruption of IT services. 

  • We simplify existing processes. We implement new solutions using resiliency-by-design.  

How does disaster recovery work at Ohio State?

Ohio State’s disaster recovery strategy is driven by the university’s strategic and academic plans, business continuity requirements, program principles, and legal and regulatory requirements.

Our strategy is achieved by following disaster recovery best practices for Planning, Testing, and Recovering. Select a stage of the process below to discover how these best practices can help you protect your information.

Disaster Recovery Program

Discover more about disaster recovery and what you can do to help prepare for disruptive events as a student, faculty, staff or other associate of Ohio State. 

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