CFAES IT Transformation

The goal with this project is to ensure a robust IT strategy and approach to management, seek efficiencies, and do more in focused areas. Decisions will be made based on how to provide quality and efficient IT services to our faculty, staff, students and customers. This includes support for desktops, classrooms and research. In some of those areas, things will look different; however, we are focused on maintaining a level of service that will meet your needs moving forward. 

How to Get Help

CFAES Help Desk now redirects to OCIO Self Service

The CFAES Help Desk website ( you use to request general IT support and order certain services now redirects to the OCIO Self Service site

You can learn more about the OCIO Self Service site by viewing the brief training module below:  Self Service Overview.

The CFAES IT Help Desk website had some topics listed in a drop down menu to help categorize your requests. On the OCIO Self Service site, you can get help with any IT issues by submitting a ticket or ordering services that you need. To get started, log in to the site using the button on the right side of your screen.

Submit a Ticket

If you are having IT issues and need assistance, you can click the large red “Need some help?” button that appears on the dashboard after you have logged in. You will see various categories to select from to report your issue. If your issue does not fall under one of those categories, just select “Other” and provide details about your request. You can also select “Get Help” from the menu on the left side of the screen and select to submit a ticket. A list of categories will appear to select from, including CFAES specific items. Click the following link to view a brief training module on how to submit a ticket: Submitting a Ticket.

Order Services

If you need to order a service, click the Order Services button in the menu on the left side. You can select from a wide range of service options. Common requests like event support, loaner devices, file share, and print share appear under the Client Computer Services menu. Click the following link to view a brief training module on how to order services: Ordering Services.

24/7 support via 614-514-IT4U (4848)

You can now call 614-514-IT4U at any time to receive IT support. If it is outside of office hours, your call will be answered by IT Service Desk staff who can assist with many core and common issues directly over the phone. They can also escalate more specialized, unique, or complex issues to one of the on-site support staff for follow-up and resolution.

Calling the IT Service Desk at 614-514-IT4U (4848) is the best method to get help for any urgent request.  

Current Phase

Phase 1

IT employees transitioned to their new reporting lines in spring 2018. You can click here to see the tables of organization that show where employees transitioned, and the roles and functions of each of these units. 

All of the major components of phase 1 to the project are underway, with some completed in specific units. Phase 1 includes:

  • Install wireless
  • Begin faculty and staff computer refreshes
  • Assess network in County Extension offices
  • Begin migration to new Active Directory
  • Begin Skype for Business migration

The OCIO and CFAES IT teams continue to work together with faculty, staff, and students in the college to find the best solutions for their IT needs. 

Project Progress

December 2018 and January 2019

Several units have moved to OCIO services, including getting new computers and Skype for Business. Wi-Fi enhancements have occurred in buildings on the Columbus, Wooster, and State-wide campuses. Plans to onboard additional units are underway and networking upgrades will continue throughout the spring semester. The project team is surveying each unit about their overall experiences and feedback has been good from the units that have moved to OCIO services.  Click here to read the January project update details with specific unit and department information and the satisfaction survey results. 

The Reasons Behind the Transformation

It’s important to make sure the reasons behind this IT Transformation Project are clear. As we dig into various departments within the college, we recognize the uniqueness of each individual area. While specific benefits will vary by department, the overall reasons for such a major shift are consistent across the board.

  • Helping to enable the overall strategic vision of CFAES through IT that supports their unique research needs
  • CFAES is investing more in IT to help achieve the goals and initiatives of faculty and staff, and implement some suggestions made by IT staff
  • Increase overall security and decrease risk exposure
  • Basic network connectivity and increase bandwidth as needed
  • Provide consistent access to support for CFAES faculty, staff, and associates

Updates in Process

Purchasing IT-related Items

As part of the agreement with OCIO, existing computers will be refreshed every four years. This refresh program will kick off in a few months. In the meantime, the purchasing of new computers is for individuals who have devices that are unusable to effectively do their job or for new employees.

There is a new standard process for purchasing computers and other technology equipment for all CFAES departments and units. This includes equipment purchased with grant funds.

If you need to purchase computers or other IT-related items, please contact the IT Service Desk. You can contact it through the following methods:

You should NOT submit an eRequest or purchase the equipment directly. The IT Service Desk team will work with you to determine specific requirements and find the best option. Based on the joint determination, the IT team will initiate the purchasing transaction. One exception in this process is for software that is available through the OCIO on the following website: If you want a paid site licensed software that is available on the website, such as SigmaPlot or NVivo, you may request it directly frmo OCIO as before and pay through a regular eRequest. 

Please note that some items are NOT covered by the refresh program. Examples include iPads, software, and some services. The IT Service Desk will work with you to order these items. They will be paid for by your department/unit and billed to your chart fields.

Units Onboarded

12/18 - Trumbull county, Wooster DPS

11/13/18 - OBIC

10-11/2018 - Members of the Dean's Office and Finance department

9/26/18 International Programs

9/13/18 The Ohio Program

8/23/18 Government Affairs, Facility Planning, and Diversity and Inclusion

8/16/18 Hancock County

8/13/18 ACEL

6/14/18 Farm Science Review




10/12/17 All IT Meeting                                      

11/17/17 All IT  Meeting                                       

12/5/17   Student Technology Fee Committee     

12/7/17   Wooster IT Group Meeting                    

12/11/17 Columbus IT Group Meeting                 

12/13/17 District Tech IT Group Meeting              

12/14/17 IT Transformation Task Force                 

12/14/17 All Finance    

12/15/17 ANS Faculty Meeting

12/20/17 Kottman Hall Location Walkthrough

01/02/18, 8-9AM Animal Sciences

01/02/18, 9-10AM HCS

01/02/18, 10-11AM FST 

01/05/18 Facility Walkthrough (Columbus)

01/19/18 PAAR Tour

01/23/18 Benfield/Boone and MCIC

01/26/18 Piketon Tour

01/31/18 All IT Meeting

2/5/18 Cabinet Presentation & Feedback   

2/7 - 2/12/18 Staff Feedback on IT Services Portfolio    

2/14/18 IT Transformation Task Force Meeting

2/16/18 Lorain County Site Visit

2/21/18 Greene County Site Visit 

3/21/18 eTeam Meeting

3/23/18 SENR Meeting

4/2/18 SLA Signed

45 Days from SLA signature (4/2) - Complete workforce changes

5/18/18 Hocking & Athens County Visits

5/22/18 Hardin & Hancock County Visits

5/23/18 All IT Staff Celebration in Mount Hall

5/25/18 Licking & Franklin County Visits


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