IT Transformation Project


Project Update

Visit the CFAES IT Transformation webpage for additional data and project updates.

The project continued to move forward over the summer following a brief pause due to official COVID-19 response announcements. This is a complex puzzle; while health is the primary focus, there are related topics such as technology and OCIO is working to enable employees to continue to work remotely. For more resources and strategies on working remotely, visit

We’re grateful for your support, dedication and perseverance. If you have questions regarding your IT services during this time, please contact the IT Service Desk at 614-514-4848 (IT4U) or Our team is working to reschedule onboardings and adopt new remote processes.

Columbus Campus

  • OSUnet and Wi-Fi implementation complete in 28 buildings (100% of in scope buildings complete)
  • Moved to OCIO services in October: Entomology, Plant Pathology, OSUE Admin
  • Moving to OCIO services next: AEDE, Animal ScienceHort. & Crop ScienceSENR, FCT
  •  20 of 25 departments moved to OCIO services
  • Virtual Servers
    • Retired: 68 of 89 
    • Migrated: 1 of 6
    • Replaced: 1 of 11
  • Firewalls
    • Retired: 6 of 18

Wooster Campus

  • OSUnet and Wi-Fi implementation complete in 69 buildings (102% of in scope buildings complete)
  • Moved to OCIO services in October: Entomology,
  • Moving to OCIO services next: Animal ScienceHort. & Crop Science, OARDC Admin and Farms
  •  32 of 35 departments moved to OCIO services
  • Virtual Servers
    • Retired: 36 of 47
    • Migrated: 5 of 6
    • Replaced: 2 of 3
  • Firewalls
    • Retired: 23 of 26

State-wide Campus

  • OSUnet and Wi-Fi implementation complete in 97 buildings (85% of in scope buildings complete)
  • Moved to OCIO services in October: Allen County, Champaign County, Clinton County, Defiance County, Fulton County, Guernsey County, Lake County, Licking County, Logan County, Miami County, Montgomery County, SE Regional Office, Union County, Washington County
  • Moving to OCIO services next: Delaware County, South Centers
  • All planning kickoffs complete.
  • 101 of 103 statewide units move to OCIO services

Onboarding Survey Results

Members of units that moved to OCIO services were given the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience.

Thinking about the overall process of receiving new IT services, how would you rate your experience?

August 2018 - March 2020; n=178

What did you think about the communications you received throughout the onboarding process?

August 2018 - March 2020; n = 177

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with your onboarding experience?

August 2018 - March 2020; n = 174

CFAES IT Team Progress

The CFAES IT team is working on a variety of projects including research, web and application support. Below are some highlights from April through July.

CFAES IT Team Progress


  • ATI – Installed Xibo digital signage.
  • AEDE – Launched new AEDE Homepage
  • AP - Added an interactive ChatBot from LiveHelpNow to Academic Programs. Added a module for managing student presentations at two different science symposiums.
  • ANS – Networked a feed scale to work with updated software. Specialized Windows 7 computer to maintain operation of Olympus BX51 Microscope. Installed Xibo digital signage in Gerlaugh Hall.
  • DO - Created a Student Council Feedback form for the Deans office.
  • ENT – Deployed a new Argus computer for the Entomology greenhouses.
  • EXT - Helped Ashtabula County recover Quickbooks data file that corrupted. Hands On Connect Risk Assessment for Master Gardener Volunteers. Help Setup Showorks on a virtual machine via Guacamole for Allen County. Sales Tax integrations for Big Commerce system in Extension Publications. LimeSurvey, working with Debby Lewis to find any active users to work on migrating remaining surveys to another platform like Qualtrics. Integrating 4H Building into CFAES EventPro with Shisler Center - Training being scheduled. Added a module to create Ohio State Maps that can be tagged by county. Launched a Personnel Directory for OSU Extension. Launched the Extension Promotions and Tenure Blog. New Ohioline Homepage. Added Co-Branding options for Ohioline FactSheets. Created a module for managing virtual sessions for the Ohio 4-H Conference. Assisting educators with Apple Teacher training.
  • FABE - Remote & virtual computer solutions  
  • FAHRP - Installed Xibo digital signage.
  • FST - Help with remote access for research machines in FST, via guacamole. Refresh of
  • HCS - Work with Maria bellizzi.1, horticulture and crop to set up video cameras for her bio level lab in Kottman hall. Deployed a new Conviron computer in the Williams Headhouse. Replaced an old windows 7 machine with a new windows 10, bcd machine that is able to print on a 20 year old zebra label. Assisting Imed Dami lab in getting data from Campbell Scientific datalogger with Loggernet software
  • PAAR - New PAAR Homepage.
  • RAGE - Assisted the CFAES Grant Support unit in setting up Qualtrics proposal submission and automated transfer of submissions into MS-SQL database. Risk Assessment for Skedda for scheduling spaces for Grad Students.
  • SENR - Specialized Windows XP computer to maintain operation of Varian 3900 Gas Chromatograph 
  • SHIS - Updated EventPro clients for Shisler Center to latest version - coordinated with OCIO
  • General Application Support – Installed and renewed Graphpad for 3 computers. Led informal Xibo training with clients. Working to provide customized setups for signage with widgets and multiple slideshows. Various application purchases – MuckRack, Graphpad, Stata. Maintaining CFAES Vehicle Reservation form for Facilities Services. CFAES Weather System maintenance. Application inventory response for OSU Internal Audit. RAMP risk assessment system training. Cyber Security Days. Adobe MAX. HandsOnConnect training.
  • General Web Support - Launched 6 new websites. Retired 2 College Websites. Finished Migration of all live CFAES Websites to OSU Web Hosting. Improved handling of canceled events for the college wide calendar. Improvements to our internal site manager database. Accessibility Training for conducting manual reviews for all three developers. Added Form Capability to the Extension Program Area websites. Continuing work on Our Drupal 8 platform. Branding update to Newsletter template. Created a module for Nelnet integration into our webforms. 12 Accessibility Reviews. 20 Accessibility Exceptions.


State-wide Progress

County Status Table

County NameStatus
AdamsFully moved to OCIO services
AllenScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
AshlandCounty Owned: In Talks
AshtabulaFully moved to OCIO services
AthensFully moved to OCIO services
AuglaizeWaiting for Skype
BelmontFully moved to OCIO services
BrownFully moved to OCIO services
ButlerWaiting for Skype
CarrollWaiting for Skype
ChampaignScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
ClarkFully moved to OCIO services
ClermontFully moved to OCIO services
ClintonScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
ColumbianaFully moved to OCIO Services
CoshoctonFully moved to OCIO services
CrawfordWaiting for Skype
CuyahogaFully moved to OCIO services
DarkeFully moved to OCIO services
DefianceScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
DelawareScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
ErieWaiting for Skype
FairfieldFully moved to OCIO services
FayetteFully moved to OCIO services
FranklinFully moved to OCIO services
FultonWaiting for Skype
GalliaFully moved to OCIO services
GeaugaFully moved to OCIO services
GreeneFully moved to OCIO services
GuernseyScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
HamiltonWaiting for Skype
HancockFully moved to OCIO Services
HardinFully moved to OCIO services
HarrisonScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
HenryFully moved to OCIO services
HighlandFully moved to OCIO services
HockingFully moved to OCIO Services
HolmesFully moved to OCIO services
HuronFully moved to OCIO services
JacksonFully moved to OCIO services
JeffersonFully moved to OCIO services
KnoxScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
LakeScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
LawrenceFully moved to OCIO services
LickingScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
LoganScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
LorainFully moved to OCIO services
Lucasfully moved to OCIO services
MadisonFully moved to OCIO services
MahoningFully moved to OCIO services
MarionWaiting for Skype
MedinaFully moved to OCIO services
MeigsFully moved to OCIO services
MercerWaiting for Skype
MiamiCounty Owned: In Talks
MonroeWaiting for Skype
MontgomeryCounty Owned
MorganFully moved to OCIO services
MorrowFully moved to OCIO services
MuskingumFully moved to OCIO services
NobleFully moved to OCIO services
OttawaFully moved to OCIO services
PauldingFully moved to OCIO services
PerryFully moved to OCIO services
PickawayFully moved to OCIO services
PikeFully moved to OCIO services
PortageFully moved to OCIO services
PrebleWaiting for Skype
PutnamFully moved to OCIO services
RichlandWaiting for Skype
RossFully moved to OCIO services
SanduskyFully moved to OCIO Services
SciotoScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
SenecaWaiting for Skype
ShelbyWaiting for Skype
StarkWaiting for Skype
SummitFully moved to OCIO Services
TrumbullFully moved to OCIO Services
TuscarawasWaiting for Skype
UnionScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
Van WertWaiting for Skype
VintonFully moved to OCIO services
WarrenScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
WashingtonScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
WayneFully moved to OCIO Services
WilliamsFully moved to OCIO services
WoodFully moved to OCIO services
WyandotWaiting for Skype


Unit Progress

Agricultural Research Stations

Ashtabula ARSComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
Eastern ARSComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
Jackson ARSComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
Muck Crops ARSComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
North Central ARSComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
Northwest ARSComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
Western ARS

Computers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype

Academic Units

AEDENetworking/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO services
ACELFully moved to OCIO services
Animal SciencesNetworking/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO services
ATIFully moved to OCIO services
EntomologyComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
Extension LeadershipComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
FABEFully moved to OCIO services
FAHRPFully moved to OCIO services
FSTNetworking/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO services
HCSNetworking/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO services
Plant PathologyFully moved to OCIO services
SENRNetworking/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO services


Business Units

4-HFully moved to OCIO services
Academic AffairsComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
AdvancementFully moved to OCIO services
Agricultural Operations Networking/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO services
Capital PlanningComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
Dean's SuiteFully moved to OCIO services
Director of WoosterComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
FinanceComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
FSRFully moved to OCIO services
Government AffairsComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
HRComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
International ProgramsComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
ITComputers moved to OCIO services; Waiting for Skype
MarCommFully moved to OCIO services
Research & GraduatesFully moved to OCIO services
SafetyFully moved to OCIO services
SecrestFully moved to OCIO services
Wooster Conference CenterNetworking/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO services
Wooster OperationsNetworking/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO services