IT Transformation Project


Project Update

As more units onboard to OCIO services, the project team has begun collecting feedback on various parts of the onboarding process. This month’s update includes those survey results in addition to the regular project updates, exciting projects that the CFAES IT team is working on, and common questions. Visit the CFAES IT Transformation webpage for regular project updates.

Columbus Campus

  • Moved to OCIO services in September: The Ohio Program, International Programs
  • Food Science & Technology: More than 80 new grad student computers will be deployed during fall semester
  • Detailed planning ongoing: Dean's Office, Marketing and Communications, Finance, Academic Affairs, OBIC, AEDE

Wooster Campus

  • Crews working to install Wi-Fi in Fisher Auditorium
  • Wi-Fi implementation will continue in Wooster in mid-October in approximately 14 buildings
  • Asbestos surveys are continuing in preparation for these wireless installations
  • Detailed planning ongoing with ATI

State-wide Campus

  • Site surveys completed at 19 AT&T order locations in preparation for bandwidth upgrades
  • Hocking County: network upgraded and Wi-FI installed
  • Wi-Fi installations progressing at County Extension offices starting with four locations the week of 10/8
  • Continuing to develop timeline to move County Extension offices to OCIO services


Onboarding Survey Results

Members of units that moved to OCIO services were given the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience.


Thinking about the overall process of receiving new IT services, how would you rate your experience?

Bar chart describing survey results. 50% had an extremely positive experience, 37.5% moderately positive, 12.5% slightly positive, 0% neutral, 0% slightly negative, 0% moderately negative, and 0% extremely negative.


What did you think about the communications you received throughout the onboarding process?

Bar chart describing survey results. 37.5% found communications extremely effective, 50% very effective, 12.5% moderately effective, 0% slightly effective, and 0% not effective at all.


Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with your onboarding experience?

Bar chart describing survey results. 37.5% were extremely satisfied, 62.5% very satisfied, 0% slightly satisfied, 0% neutral, 0% slightly dissatisfied, 0% very dissatisfied, and 0% extremely dissatisfied.


CFAES IT Team Progress

The new CFAES IT team is working on a variety of projects including research and application support.

Research Support

  • Animal Sciences: Implemented a specialized wireless network for use with tablet devices and collection of dairy herd data
  • Horticulture and Crop Science (HCS): Provided computing solution that supports a Chroma Meter for inspection and evaluation of grown fruits and vegetables
  • HCS: Implemented a virtual server and configuration of data loggers to remotely monitor greenhouse conditions
  • Plant Pathology: Assisted researcher in putting six new growth chambers online for central management and monitoring


This Month's Common Questions

Q: I see that several units have moved to OCIO services. When is it our turn?

A: The project team has met with all department chairs to discuss technology needs and service expectations. Some departments have immediate needs that are currently being addressed through the onboarding process. The team is working with remaining departments to determine when they will onboard to services. Many different components are considered in this process including technology needs, department preferences, and minimizing disruption to faculty, staff, and students.

While only some departments have gone through the full onboarding process (new computers, new active directory, file share changes, and more), many departments have seen an impact through this transformation. Enhanced Wi-Fi, classroom and lab updates, and changes in software patching are some of the exciting items that are impacting the college throughout the state.

Q: With all of these changes, how do I know who I should contact for IT support?

A: You should continue to contact IT support through the following methods until further notice:

If your request needs to be routed through a different method, the IT Service Desk team will assist you with that.

Q: Someone mentioned that loaner devices are included in our agreement with the OCIO. What does that mean? 

A: A loaner device is a device (e.g. laptop, iPad, projector) that is needed for 30 days or less for things like events, workshops, travel, or short-term projects. You can request a loaner device at no extra cost at least one week prior to the date you need the device.