IT Transformation Project


Project Update

The CFAES and OCIO teams have been working together collecting data to build a plan to move to new services, responding to unique research needs, and answering the many questions that come with this type of change. OSUwireless coverage is being expanded on the Columbus, Wooster, and State-wide CFAES campuses. Teams within the college that are moving to new space are the first groups to onboard to the services. And the new CFAES IT team has hit the ground running. Visit the CFAES IT Transformation webpage for regular project updates.

Columbus Campus

  • Ag Engineering and Plumb Hall: OSUwireless will be fully deployed in August and September
  • ACEL, Government Affairs, Equity and Inclusion, and Facility Planning onboarding in August
  • The Ohio Program onboarding in late August/early September
  • Detailed planning ongoing: Dean's Office, Marketing and Communications, International Programs, Finance, Academic Affairs, OBIC

Wooster Campus

  • Wi-Fi will be completed in Skou, Halterman, and Student Activity Center in August
  • Plans for Wi-Fi implementation in additional buildings are being developed and prioritized. Details are forthcoming.

State-wide Campus

  • Farm Science Review: Moved to OCIO services 6/14/18
  • Spectrum has upgraded internet service at 14 County Extension offices
  • Lorain and Greene Counties: OSUwireless installed over cellular backhaul as temporary solution until new physical connects can be installed
  • Working with various vendors to increase bandwidth to County Extension offices
  • Developing timeline to move County Extension offices to OCIO services


CFAES IT Team Progress

The new CFAES IT team is working on a variety of projects including research and application support.

Research Support

  • Plant Pathology: Specialized endpoint computer for gene sequencing
  • FST: Virtual machine for SAS/data processing
  • AEDE: Consulted on purchase of tablets and loaned iPads for field data acquisition; resulted in savings of $400
  • SENR: Consulted on buying workstations vs. using Ohio Super Computer resources; resulted in savings of $7K-$8K
  • FABE: Virtual machines for large hydrologic models and data / geoprocessing

Application Services

  • Acquired 18 iPads for use in workshops
  • Working with Digital Flagship university team and CFAES eTeam to coordinate workshops for faculty, staff, and students
  • Scheduled to help deploy iPads to ATI students the first week of classes
  • Managing cloud applications – completed one risk assessment, five others in progress, in early testing for two others
  • Centralized management of digital signage and developing strategy with MarComm


This Month's Common Questions

Q: Does everyone get a new computer now?

A: Just because a unit is moving to OCIO services does not mean everyone in that unit receives a new device. The IT project team is working with leadership in each unit to determine the ages of current devices and the need for new equipment. If a device is less than four years old and can be moved to OCIO services in its current state, it will likely not be replaced at this point in time.

Q: So what is this “four-year refresh cycle” I have heard about for devices?

A: A device "refresh" happens when aged equipment is replaced to reduce security risks and to comply with university policies. A four-year refresh cycle means that as a part of this IT partnership, CFAES has committed to funding a rolling replacement of four-year-old workstations with new devices, ensuring the college has an updated, supported, consistent computing environment. The replacement computers will be paid for by OCIO using SLA funds from the college. As the time for replacement approaches, IT staff will work with you to confirm and identify the needs of your replacement system(s), prepare the new computers, and install them. There may be unique cases where certain computers cannot be refreshed like mission-specific research computers and their corresponding hardware dependencies. In those cases, CFAES IT Services will work with you to support or replace those devices.

Q: What does it mean to move to “OCIO services” if I’m not receiving a new device?

A: All CFAES employees will receive core IT-related services from OCIO. And, even if you aren’t getting a new device immediately, you will receive a new device when your current device has reached the end of its four-year refresh cycle. You will also receive the following services:

  • Regular software and security updates
  • Skype installation and support with access to training
  • VPN for remote access to the secure OSULAN network, including file share and printing
  • Updated Wi-Fi where it is needed
  • Consistent end user support including on site tech support and a 24/7 IT Service Desk

Q: How do I purchase IT-related items?

A: Visit for the latest process on how to purchase IT-related items, which includes a detailed FAQ about specific use cases.