IT Transformation Project


Project Update

Members of more than ten units on the Columbus, Wooster, and State-Wide campus have moved to OCIO services. The CFAES IT team continues to work on some exciting projects to meet the unique needs of faculty and researchers within the college. Visit the CFAES IT Transformation webpage for regular project updates.

Columbus Campus

  • Moved to OCIO services in November: Members of the Finance department (75% complete)
  • FST: Deployed 57 of 84 new grad student computers
  • Moving to OCIO services next: Academic Programs, Marketing and Communications, FABE, IT, AEDE

Wooster Campus

  • Wi-Fi implementation underway in Olde Admin and Research Services
  • Additional 16 buildings targeted for completion by end of March
  • ATI: All labs moving to OCIO services during winter break
  • Moving to OCIO services next: ATI, DPS, IT

State-wide Campus

  • Wi-Fi completed in 20 locations
  • Bandwidth upgraded in 25 locations
  • Trumbull moving to OCIO services by 12/15/18
  • Planning kicked off with the following counties: Clermont, Hamilton, Morgan, Ottawa, Perry, Seneca

See state-wide map below for additional details


Onboarding Survey Results

Members of units that moved to OCIO services were given the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience.


Thinking about the overall process of receiving new IT services, how would you rate your experience?

Bar chart describing survey results. 58.3% had an extremely positive experience, 33.3% moderately positive, 8.3% slightly positive, 0% neutral, 0% slightly negative, 0% moderately negative, and 0% extremely negative.


What did you think about the communications you received throughout the onboarding process?

Bar chart describing survey results. 25% found communications extremely effective, 58.3% very effective, 16.7% moderately effective, 0% slightly effective, and 0% not effective at all.


Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with your onboarding experience?

Bar chart describing survey results. 33.3% were extremely satisfied, 66.7% very satisfied, 0% slightly satisfied, 0% neutral, 0% slightly dissatisfied, 0% very dissatisfied, and 0% extremely dissatisfied.


CFAES IT Team Progress

The CFAES IT team is working on a variety of projects including research and application support. Below are some highlights from November.

Research Support

  • Animal Sciences: Customized a Dell desktop and set it up to be used with a microscope
  • Animal Sciences: Deployed a computer to work as a backup system for Krauss Dairy’s feed system
  • Food Animal Health Research Program: Assisted a user with an issue connecting to a Roche LightCycler 69
  • Molecular & Cellular Imaging Center (MCIC): Assisted with MCIC Computational Biology Lab
  • MCIC: Assisted in setting up the new SeqStudio
  • Plant Pathology: Worked with Conviron technicians to verify that the Conviron Growth Chambers in Selby Hall are properly backed up
  • Plant Pathology: Setup a user with a VirtualBox machine running Windows 7 32-bit so the client could run old software

Application Services

  • Designed BuckeyeBox folder structure for Agricultural Operations to enable statewide collaboration and reduce user of traditional file servers
  • Assisting MCIC with risk assessment for ThermoFisher cloud services to enable additional capabilities for their new SeqStudio genetic analyzer
  • Working with the School of Environmental and Natural Resources to develop a better system to handle internal financial accounting
  • Assisted ATI horse herd manager with identifying software to manage record keeping
  • Connected Pike County OSU Extension research project to internal audio transcription services approved for data level; developing new process in Amazon Web Services
  • Worked with Horticulture and Crop Science Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center (OPGC) to purchase and share FileMaker Pro database licensing


This Month's Common Questions

Q: What is the best method to get help?

A: The best method to get support, especially for urgent requests, is to call 614-514-IT4U (4848). Beginning December 10, you can call this phone number outside of office hours to receive support 24/7. Your call will be answered by an IT Service Desk member who can assist with many core and common issues directly over the phone. They can also escalate more specialized, unique, or complex issues to one of the on-site support staff for follow-up and resolution.

Q: I would rather submit a request online. How do I do that? 

A: If your request is urgent, you should call 614-514-IT4U (4848) to speak to someone immediately who can route your request appropriately.

You can submit tickets, purchase products, and order services online using a self service tool. While you have continued to submit tickets for assistance through throughout 2018, there will be changes coming to the Self Service site soon. On December 28, the CFAES IT Help Desk site will begin redirecting you to the OCIO Self Service site For more information to

You can also send an email to to contact the IT Service Desk team via email.


State-wide Progress

Map of Ohio showing project status in each county. See table below for data.

County Status Table

County NameStatus
AdamsScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
AllenCounty Owned
AshlandCounty Owned
AshtabulaScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
AthensUniversity Owned
AuglaizeCounty Owned
BelmontScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
BrownScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
ButlerCounty Owned
CarrollCounty Owned
ChampaignCounty Owned
ClarkCounty Owned
ClermontNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
ClintonCounty Owned
ColumbianaNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
CoshoctonCounty Owned
CrawfordCounty Owned
CuyahogaNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
DarkeUniversity Owned
DefianceCounty Owned: In Talks
DelawareCounty Owned
ErieCounty Owned
FairfieldNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
FayetteCounty Owned
FranklinNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
FultonCounty Owned
GalliaScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
GeaugaNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
GreeneScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
GuernseyUniversity Owned
HamiltonNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
HancockFully moved to OCIO Services
HardinNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
HarrisonCounty Owned
HenryScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
HighlandCounty Owned: In Talks
HockingNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
HolmesNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
HuronCounty Owned
JacksonScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
JeffersonCounty Owned
KnoxCounty Owned
LakeScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
LawrenceNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
LickingCounty Owned
LoganCounty Owned
LorainNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
LucasScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
MadisonScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
MahoningScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
MarionCounty Owned
MedinaScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
MeigsScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
MercerCounty Owned
MiamiCounty Owned
MonroeCounty Owned
MontgomeryCounty Owned
MorganCounty Owned: In Talks
MorrowUniversity Owned
MuskingumCounty Owned: In Talks
NobleScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
Ottawauniversity Owned
PauldingCounty Owned
PerryNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
PickawayNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
PikeScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
PortageScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
PrebleUniversity Owned
PutnamCounty Owned
RichlandCounty Owned
RossUniversity Owned
SanduskyNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
SciotoCounty Owned
SenecaNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
ShelbyNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
StarkCounty Owned
SummitScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
TrumbullNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
TuscarawasNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
UnionCounty Owned
Van WertScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
VintonUniversity Owned
WarrenScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
WashingtonScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
WayneScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
WilliamsCounty Owned
WoodNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
WyandotCounty Owned