IT Transformation Project


Project Update

Networking and Wi-Fi updates are now complete in more than half of the State-Wide campus locations. More units were moved to OCIO services on the Wooster, Columbus, and State-Wide campuses in September. Visit the CFAES IT Transformation webpage for regular project updates.


  • OSUnet and Wi-Fi implementation complete in 25 buildings (89% of in scope buildings complete)
  • Moved to OCIO services in September: OSUE FCS, OSUE Publications
  • Moving to OCIO services next: FABE, SENR, FST
  • 11 of 21 departments move to OCIO services


  • OSUnet and Wi-Fi implementation complete in 53 buildings (79% of in scope buildings complete)
  • Moved to OCIO services in September: Wooster Campus Facilities
  • Moving to OCIO services next: FABE, SENR, Entomology 
  • 23 of 35 departments move to OCIO services


  • OSUnet and Wi-Fi implementation complete in 61 buildings (54% of in scope buildings complete)
  • Moving to OCIO services in September: Geauga, Lorain, Morrow, Portage, Putnam, Shelby
  • Moving to OCIO services next: Athens, Clark, Gallia, Holmes, Ross, Seneca, Tuscarawas, Van Wert, Vinton
  • Planning kicked off with the following counties: Defiance, Erie, Fulton, Henry, Huron
  • Next counties to kick off: Belmont, Harrison, Jefferson, Miami, Monroe, Montgomery, Stark
  • 36 of 88 departments move to OCIO services
  • One of seven outlying research stations moved to OCIO services. 



Onboarding Survey Results

Members of units that moved to OCIO services were given the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience.


Thinking about the overall process of receiving new IT services, how would you rate your experience?

Bar chart describing survey results. 31.8% had an extremely positive experience, 29.1% moderately positive, 10.9% slightly positive, 9.1% neutral, 13.6% slightly negative, 3.6% moderately negative, and 1.8% extremely negative
August 2018 - September 2019; n = 110


What did you think about the communications you received throughout the onboarding process?

Bar chart describing survey results. 19.4% found communications extremely effective, 28.7% very effective, 28.7% moderately effective, 17.6% slightly effective, and 5.6% not effective at all.
August 2018 - September 2019; n = 108


Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with your onboarding experience?

Bar chart describing survey results. 21.9% were extremely satisfied, 31.4% very satisfied, 18.1% slightly satisfied, 8.6% neutral, 11.4% slightly dissatisfied, 5.7% very dissatisfied, and 2.9% extremely dissatisfied.
August 2018 - September 2019; n = 105


CFAES IT Team Progress

The CFAES IT team is working on a variety of projects including research and application support. Below are some highlights from September. 

CFAES IT Team Progress

  • Extension – Connected “Real Money. Real World.” program with third-party mobile app developer to explore converting their program from paper into digital.  
  • Extension – Supporting technical side of Customer Relationship Management Exploration 2.0.
  • Extension – Repaired point-of-sale spreadsheet for Medina County Extension office.
  • Extension – Assessed information risk of Launchpad for Salesforce. Implementing.
  • Extension – Evaluation of Cue Robot to be used with afterschool programs encouraging & teaching programming
  • FABE – Collaboration on technical solution for a temperature evaluation system
  • HCS – Developed plan to retire dedicated server and migrate use to Ohio Supercomputer Center and BuckeyeBox
  • MCIC – Retired FTP server in favor of BuckeyeBox.
  • Plant Pathology – Evaluated several aging workstations running proprietary research-based software & moved them to newer hardware/operation system
  • Secrest Arboretum – Deployed garden management system.
  • Continuing inventory of specialized hardware


State-wide Progress

Map of Ohio showing project status in each county. See table below for data.


County Status Table

County NameStatus
AdamsFully moved to OCIO services
AllenScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
AshlandCounty Owned: In Talks
AshtabulaWaiting for Skype
AthensNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
AuglaizeCounty Owned: In Talks
BelmontNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
BrownWaiting for Skype
ButlerCounty Owned
CarrollCounty Owned
ChampaignCounty Owned
ClarkNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
ClermontFully moved to OCIO services
ClintonCounty Owned
ColumbianaFully moved to OCIO Services
CoshoctonCounty Owned: In Talks
CrawfordCounty Owned
CuyahogaFully moved to OCIO Services
DarkeNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
DefianceCounty Owned: In Talks
DelawareCounty Owned
ErieCounty Owned: In Talks
FairfieldFully moved to OCIO services
FayetteWaiting for Skype
FranklinFully moved to OCIO services
FultonCounty owned: in talks
GalliaNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
GeaugaWaiting for Skype
GreeneWaiting for Skype
GuernseyUniversity Owned
HamiltonWaiting for Skype
HancockFully moved to OCIO Services
HardinFully moved to OCIO services
HarrisonCounty Owned
HenryScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
HighlandCounty Owned: In Talks
HockingFully moved to OCIO Services
HolmesScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
HuronScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
JacksonFully moved to OCIO services
JeffersonScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
KnoxCounty Owned
LakeScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
LawrenceFully moved to OCIO services
LickingCounty Owned
LoganCounty Owned: In Talks
LorainWaiting for Skype
LucasWaiting for Skype
MadisonFully moved to OCIO services
MahoningNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
MarionCounty Owned: In Talks
MedinaScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
MeigsWaiting for Skype
MercerScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
MiamiCounty Owned
MonroeCounty Owned
MontgomeryCounty Owned
MorganFully moved to OCIO services
MorrowFully moved to OCIO services
MuskingumWaiting for Skype
NobleNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
OttawaScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
PauldingScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
PerryFully moved to OCIO services
PickawayWaiting for Skype
PikeFully moved to OCIO services
PortageNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
PrebleNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
PutnamWaiting for Skype
RichlandScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
RossNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
SanduskyWaiting Skype
SciotoCounty Owned: In Talks
SenecaNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
ShelbyWaiting for Skype
StarkCounty Owned: In Talks
SummitFully moved to OCIO Services
TrumbullFully moved to OCIO Services
TuscarawasNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
UnionCounty Owned
Van WertNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
VintonNetwork/Wi-Fi completed; Ready for OCIO Services
WarrenScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
WashingtonScheduled for networking/Wi-Fi
WayneWaiting for Skype
WilliamsCounty Owned
WoodWaiting for Skype
WyandotCounty Owned: In Talks