Reminder: FY24 Year-end Business Document Clean Up

Two helpful reports are available to assist with year-end business document clean up that was first shared in April (see original post).

The "UNIV Remaining Encumbrances - Requisitions, POs, Spent Authorizations" report helps end users identify transactions and their encumbrances that will roll forward at the end of the fiscal year.

The "Purchase Orders with Documents Awaiting Action" report helps end users identify in progress and draft documents which require action before a PO can be closed. This report will only return purchase orders if one or more of the criteria listed below is met.

  • Receipts in "Draft" or "In Progress" status
  • Supplier invoices in "Draft," "Incomplete," or "In Progress" status
  • Returns in "In Progress" status 
  • Related ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notices) in "Draft" or "In Progress" status


For year-end clean up, we suggest running this with the "Purchase Order Has Lines with Encumbrances" box checked. Since only POs with remaining balances roll forward, cleanup efforts should be focused on draft/in progress documents associated with POs that have balances but are no longer in use. Lists of POs that are ready to be closed should be sent to your Service Center Representative to close by Friday, June 21 to help ensure a successful year end. Please also copy the Controller’s Office ( for awareness.