FDM Translation Tool to be Decommissioned July 31

The Foundation Data Model (FDM) Translation Tool, which was utilized to convert PeopleSoft chartfield values into Workday values, will be decommissioned after July 31, 2024. A new report called PeopleSoft to Workday Conversion Details (authentication required) is now available to financial users in the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE). This report provides the same information as the translation tool with more accuracy regarding the full worktag combination that was used during conversion.  

When using this report, please be aware of the conversion logic listed below that was applied to the data after it was translated.

  • Non-balancing worktags were removed for asset and liability accounts.
  • General Funds Spending Authority net transfers, used ledger account 49900.
  • General Funds Spending Authority original distribution, used ledger account 49800.
  • Non carry forward worktags were removed for equity accounts.
  • Ensured Service Line and Financial Class were only on Health System side, as some values would translate into these worktags on the University side.


It is important to note that the above logic is not reflected in the RAE report when cross walking the data from Peoplesoft to Workday; rather, it is how the data looked when translating Peoplesoft Chartfield strings in the translation tool. User Defined/Program may have dropped leading zeros and therefore, if your results do not return as expected, please remove the leading zero when entering the value in the field. As another important reminder, the information is from the time of conversion only, and the values are static. 

Getting help with the new report:

If you find that you do not have access to the new report, please submit a ServiceNow ticket using the instructions below.

1. Users must be up to date on IDP training.

2. User the Enterprise request link in ServiceNow to submit your request.

3. Use Request type: New/ or Modify Account Access.

4. Analysis: You should add that the requester need access the actuals data.

5. Security Consult: N/A.

6. You need to select Finance & Supply Chain - Financial Accounting/General Ledger: Reporting.

7. Read and accept data use agreements and then submit.

Please contact ctl-fdmrequests@osu.edu with any aditional FDM questions.