New Internal Supplier Invoice Matching Validations 

The go-live date for matching validation rules on the entry of internal supplier invoices has been moved to Monday, July 31 (after FY24 year end).

The new validation rules will have the requirements listed below. 

  • Invoices will need to match purchase order unit cost lines to ensure rates are accurate and agree to what was approved on the PO. 

  • Invoice totals will need to be within a $300 tolerance of the approved PO amount, otherwise the invoice will need revised or canceled and a change order must be completed.  

The matching validations will help prevent compliance issues on the front end when billing grants internally, though the validations will apply to all internal transactions and not only grant transactions. We highly encourage those uploading internal supplier invoices via EIB to upload the EIB in the OSU3 business tenant first to identify and correct potential errors (invoices in draft status) before submitting in Workday. Please see the EIB for internal order billing job aid found in the Administrative Resource Center (ARC) for more information. If an EIB with errors is loaded to production inadvertently, please run the "Find Supplier Invoices- OSU" report to find invoices loaded in "draft" status that need to be resolved and submitted.