FY25 UNIV Blanket Order Processing Time Period - April 15 to June 28

Blanket orders are used for transactions that occur very frequently (daily or multiple times a week), have a high variation of product types, have undetermined timing, and are not available in Buckeye Buy.

All FY25 UNIV blanket purchase orders must be issued outside of Buckeye Buy. Requestors should select the “blanket purchase order” requisition type and complete the request per the Create a Blanket Purchase Order job aid found in the Administrative Resource Center (ARC). Please note, the "Request Date" of the requisition should reflect the date the requisition is created and should not be future dated. University funded blanket requisitions should align with the July through June fiscal year calendar.  

Monthly service orders (formerly term orders) for uniform service, pest control, office coffee and water service, floor mat replacement, lawn care and snow removal should also be issued on service line blanket requisitions, outside of Buckeye Buy.

Accounts Payable advises users to include the service to be provided and frequency in the description line of the requisition. It will also be helpful to include the expected term agreement details in the memo to supplier field (example, $50.00/month for 12 months).  

Reminder: Encumbrances for blanket purchase orders associated with fiscal year 2025 will first post to fiscal year 2024 until a manual job is run at month-end to move the encumbrance into fiscal year 2025. The process will look for any blanket purchase orders created after April 15, 2024.