Equity $0 Balance Clean Up

A data clean up effort was conducted to eliminate $0 balances which were incorrectly rolling forward for worktag combinations in the "Equity Balances by Balancing/Carry Forward Worktags suite" of reporting.

Upon further investigation it was confirmed this was due to a conversion issue effective FY18. A correction was done in the system that will now significantly reduce this issue. There may still be some $0 balance lines that exist and that is due to non-conversion journals (entries processed by accounting or cost center accountants) that may have hit equity directly in the past. End users cannot post to equity directly in journals any longer and should work with the central accounting teams if they have any questions. Please note this clean up had no net effect on your current equity balances.

Journal Activity for this Project resulted in the following:

  • Peoplesoft converted balances loaded as 47360: Net Transfer with an offset to 17000: Suspense in FY2017 – Do not use FY17 as a reporting period as full balance sheet reporting was not loaded here.
  • Beginning Balance calculated in FY2018 to close 47360: Net Transfer to 30000: Equity. – This does not impact your FY18 balances and is the first year of true balances.
  • Journal correction reversing 30000: Equity and 17000: Suspense in 2018 – This entry netted out the original conversion to 30000: Equity that posted in FY18 and the clean-up entry on 17000: Suspense balance that rolled over from FY17.