Non Resident Alien and Wire Payment Process Changes

A Workday supported solution will be in production during the week of Monday, February 5, to support payment requests where a PO is not required for Non-Resident Aliens or Wires (e.g., Expense Reports, Miscellaneous Payments).

As part of the new process, users will leverage the "Supplier Invoice Request" Workday business process to request these payments. This enhanced process will reduce forms previously associated with the process and allows for more transparent tracking of requests. The items below describe notable changes as well as a list of what is not changing.

What is changing:

  • The new process replaces AP Wire Request Form (Internal Use Only) and Non-Resident Alien (NRA) payment request forms.
  • The Supplier/Payee Setup Form as well as the Supplier Registration Site will be updated.
  • New “stand-in” supplier called “SIR New Supplier Request - SPL-0000012” was created to aid end users in submitting payment requests via "Supplier Invoice Request" when a new supplier is being requested.
  • Expense reports where a payment is needed for a Non Resident Alien or the traveler/payee via wire no longer needs to be created. Spend Authorizations are still required.
  • Definitions were created for Supplier Payment Types to define them as listed below.
    • Wire Requests for Non USD – Manual Payment Type Option
    • Wire Requests for USD – Wire Payment Type Option
  • Warning validations have been added to the Miscellaneous Payment Request business process to advise users that while "Wire" may show up as a payment option, Miscellaneous Payment Requests does not support Wire Payments. Instructions routing the user to Supplier Invoice Request will be added to aid users.

What is not changing:

  • Purchase orders needing paid via wire payment or for NRA – Do not use this process for payments associated with a Purchase Order.
  • For Non-Resident Aliens forms listed on the NRA Checklist should be used.
  • While Expense Reports are no longer needed for Non-Resident Aliens and payments needed to be made via Wire, a Spend Authorization for preauthorization associated with travel expenses is still required.