New Schedule for Mass Closure of Old Purchase Orders 

To assist with the Year End Procurement Roll Forward process, the Controller’s Office will soon be analyzing and closing out old internal and external Purchase Orders (PO) which meet the following parameters: 

  • POs that are over two years old which have not been invoiced in the previous year (excluding POs for multiyear service contracts that are only billed annually, those related to construction projects beginning with OSU-PJ and those that are FD520 grant related).
  • A mass close of old POs meeting the above-listed parameters will occur the last week of February. After the mass close is complete, this process will occur regularly on a 6-month closure cadence (during the last week of December and the first week of June). To see what POs will be closed as part of this process, run the "Find Purchase Order Details – OSU" report, and filter using the above parameters and the "last invoice date" column. In addition, once POs are mass closed, if there is a true need, they can be reopened by the service center if the transaction is within the same fiscal year.