Late December Finance and Supply Chain Report Updates and Changes

Business Process Approval Times – Supplier Invoice Request Reporting Enhancements:  

Enhancements have been added to the output of both the "Business Process Approval Times – Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Detail" and the "Business Process Approval Times – Supplier Invoice Request Summary" reports. The enhancements include two new columns on the output of each report, one to display the approval time for Business Operations Center Leads and one to display the approval time for Grants Operations Center Leads. These additions are due to the change in workflow on Supplier Invoice Requests where they now route to Service Center Leads on the SIR rather than routing for approval on the Supplier Invoice.

Reminder: Spend Report Exceptions Dashboard Retirement: 

The Spend Report Exceptions Dashboard will be retired on Friday, December 29. Please utilize the "Exceptions Dashboard" as it has the latest in exceptions reporting available. Alternatively, the "Schedule A Report" task can be used to run the "Exceptions Report Group." This allows users to run three exceptions reports with one set of prompts and all reports will be downloaded into one Excel file.

Miscellaneous Payment Enhancements:

"Find Miscellaneous Payment" reports have been updated with additional prompts to allow users to see information for their specific college or unit cost centers that must be recorded on OSP worktags as part of the cash advance for human subjects process. To view cash advances for human subjects on OSP grants associated with your specific college or unit, enter the Requester’s cost center or cost center hierarchy as of the date the Miscellaneous Payment was submitted. See further information in the Reporting Tip shared via the Business and Finance site. (