New Exceptions Fields

Effective the week of November 13, new exception fields will be created for Requisitions and Supplier Invoice Requests to help users with their exception tracking. 

In "Requisitions," Service Centers will now be able to: 

  • Select any of the following exception reasons that apply to the associated requisition:
    • Improper Signature on Agreement
    • After the Fact
    • Meal and Alcohol Exceptions
    • Non-Contract Spend
    • Special Approval Missing
    • Other
  • Use a free-form Exception Explanation text field to explain what happened in more detail.


In "Supplier Invoice Requests," Service Centers will now be able to:

  • Use a free-form text field to note the exception and explanation of why it occurred.


It is recommended that end users with exceptions leverage Business Process comments to enter why the exception occurred so that Service Centers will be able to enter that information in the new exception fields.