New Reporting on Business Process Approval Times Now Available

As of Monday, August 21, a new series of reports will be available that offer insight into the amount of time transactions spent in pending approval steps during workflow. These transaction types include Requisitions, Spend Authorizations, Expense Reports, Miscellaneous Payment Requests, Supplier Invoice Requests, Supplier Invoices, and Purchase Order Change Orders.     

For each transaction type, two different report styles will be available. The "Detail" reports will provide the amount of time the transaction spent pending approval from each approval step in the workflow, as well as the approving workers for each transaction. The "Summary" reports will provide a high-level overview of the average approval times for each approval step per cost center hierarchy. These summary reports will also be placed on a dashboard called "Business Process Approval Times - Finance/Supply Chain."

Additionally, a report group can be run to enter one set of prompts and allow all summary reports to download onto one spreadsheet. To run the report group, utilize the "Schedule a Report" task and enter the report name "Business Process Approval Times - Summary Report Group." The report naming conventions are "Business Process Approval Times - (Transaction Type) Summary" or "Business Process Approval Times - (Transaction Type) Detail." 

To view these reports for Expense Reports and Spend Authorizations for all cost center hierarchies, the Expense Analyst or Expense Data Entry Specialist role is needed. For all other reports, the Spend Analyst role is needed.