FDM Worktag Reference Guide Updates: Driver and Related Worktags

The downloadable FDM worktag reference guide has been updated to include information on “Driver” and “Related” worktags and how they function. It is highly recommended for related worktags to only be used if that is going to be the associated worktag value 100% of the time. It is important to understand that related worktags will replace any worktag that may have been manually entered or populated from another driver worktag. For an Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB), if a worktag is not specified in the EIB but it is related, it will be added when the EIB is loaded. 

Worktags can serve in more than one capacity. For example, the Cost Center can serve as a driver worktag or it can serve as a related worktag if being used with a Project. Once all desired worktags are selected on a transaction, it is critical to do one final check to make sure the worktags are correct before submitting. Related worktags can be overridden, if appropriate. Please review the guide for additional information.