October 2023 PeopleSoft Student System URL Changes

In mid-October 2023, OTDI will be moving the foundation of the PeopleSoft-based Student System known as PeopleSoft Student Information System (SIS), to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Any direct links into SIS will be changing. OTDI Student System support staff have already begun sharing the guidance below for URL changes to ensure any affected links are updated along with the move to AWS.

What’s changing?

Any direct link into PeopleSoft Student Information System (SIS) will be changing as described below.

  • Links that start with:
    • https://sis.erp.ohio-state.edu
    • https://buckeyelink.erp.ohio-state.edu
    • https://courses.osu.edu
    • https://delegated.osu.edu


  • Direct integrations into SIS
    • If an integration is coming into PeopleSoft to grab data, it is most likely affected.
    • If an integration is occurring via EIP or other web service, the Student Application team in OTDI will make the necessary changes.
    • If you are not sure about an integration, please contact Chris Palmer and Shane White.


  • Where could these be?
    • External web pages with links to complete actions or view information in SIS
    • Internal/staff web pages with links to complete actions or view information in SIS
    • Email communications to students that contain links to complete actions or view information in SIS
    • To Do/Checklist items with links to other sections of SIS


What do business areas need to do?

The Student Application team in OTDI has been working with business areas to identify any critical direct links from other systems and documentation to the PeopleSoft Student Information System (SIS) that will be affected by the change.

In most cases "Go" links will be created and documented in a spreadsheet that will be used when the new links are available after the move to AWS.

If you have such a need in your area and you have not been coordinating efforts with the OTDI Student Application Team, please contact Shane White (white.2658).


What happens next?

  • During the cutover weekend to AWS, the Student Application team in OTDI will coordinate a mass change of the “Go” links from the spreadsheet to the new exact URL.
  • If there are direct links that cannot be converted to “Go” links, the business areas (systems and STS) will need to coordinate the switch during the cutover weekend.
  • If a link is missed during this process, don’t panic! We will have a general maintenance/redirect page specific to this that will direct them back to a main page with instructions on how to report the outdated link.