Requisition Sourcing Changes in Workday 

One of the changes associated with the move to ordering of goods and services into Workday is with requisition sourcing rules. Starting on Monday, May 8, when you create a requisition for multiple goods, some may be fulfilled from inventory, instead of from an external supplier. The intent behind these sourcing changes is to use any inventory on hand first before ordering more from the external supplier.  

The experience of ordering from inventory should be no different from ordering through an external supplier. That said, one anticipated benefit of fulfilling from inventory is a requester receives a notification when backorders occur. 

The requisition in Workday will tell you more information about the item fulfillment source.  

If an item is coming from an inventory location: 

  • there will be a location in the “Inventory Site Location” column,
  • the “Fulfillment Source” will show as “Inventory”, and
  • the “Sourced” column will reference an Inventory Stock Request instead of a Purchase Order.


Note, for some requisitions sourcing to inventory, the supplier column may not be populated but no action is required.