Buckeye Buy Changes Coming May 8

We are a week away from implementing changes to Buckeye Buy. There are a few more items to share before we go live on May 8, 2023.  

1. You will no longer go to Connect to Supplier Website and then Buckeye Buy to place orders. You will use the new Search Catalog link instead.

2. You will use Connect to Supplier Website to access punchout (formerly known as Roundtrip) suppliers (e.g., Staples, Fisher, etc.).

3. You will be able to see items that are in inventory and their approximate quantities on hand.

4. The Requisitions app will be the preferred method for placing requisitions.

Are you curious to view some of the changes with ordering before go-live? A few video demonstrations are available:  


You may also view a demonstration of how to Update Default Deliver To Location. The deliver-to address is also known as your work space. For more information on updating your work space, view the Getting Ready for Upcoming Buckeye Buy Changes article previously published in NewsLink.