"Find Requisition Summary – OSU" Enhanced to Better Track News Supplier Requests

The "Find Requisition Summary – OSU" report has been enhanced to provide additional flexibility and insight into tracking new supplier requests.

The fields listed have been added to the report output to provide additional flexibility and insights:

  • New Supplier Request - shows "yes" if the Requisition is a new supplier request.
  • Security Group Awaiting Action - Shows the security group currently awaiting approval or review (i.e. Cost Center Manager).
  • Activity Log - Shows comments that have been added to the Activity Log, which is used by Supplier Maintenance and others to track updates and other important information. 


Additionally, a checkbox has been added to the prompt, which when selected will return only results that include a new supplier requests.  To view only "in-process" requisitions it is also recommended to use the status prompt filter as well.