Missing Data in June and July 2022 Datasets, RAE Data Load Issue

During the week of Sepyember 5, the Data and Analytics team made significant progress in loading and validating the Journal Line reload to the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE). The final validations were successful with some explainable variances due to test environments. With the upcoming Workday 2022R2 update this Saturday, 9/10, we need some additional time to work around this critical event. 

To date, data through July 2022 has been loaded to the RAE validation environment. To complete the remainder of the load and validation, work will continue this weekend before and after the Sept. 10 Workday upgrade. 

With that, here is the Data and Analytics team’s plan for completing the final steps for this reload: 

1. Prepare the Production RAE environment to enable the reloaded dataset. 

- NOTE: at this point data through July 2022 will be in Production RAE. 

2. Pause for the Workday 2022R2 production update on Saturday, 9/10. 

3. Later Saturday afternoon/evening, we will pull August and September 2022 dataset from Workday. 

4. Load the August and September 2022 data to the Production RAE. 

5. From Saturday, September 10 through Monday, September 12, we’ll complete the validation effort for the final dataset. 

If you have other questions or concerns, please contact Enterprise-Analytics@osu.edu.


*9/1 Update*

Friday, September 9 is the new target date for general availability for the full data load. 

It is important to note that these data issues DO NOT impact Workday reports. To obtain a list of reports that are potentially affected within Tableau that utilize Journal Line data, please contact Lonnie Morgan (morgan.223@osu.edu).

If you have other questions or concerns, please contact Enterprise-Analytics@osu.edu.

*Original Message*

Reporting users have shared that sporadic data is missing from Tableau reports using the “[CERTIFIED] Workday FIN Mart - Journal Line Detail” Tableau data source. This data source is powered by journal line related datasets flowing into the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE) from Workday. 

Due to financial processing and transactions, at the end of each fiscal year and during the switch to the new year, there is a very large number of data points flowing for journal lines into the RAE. In the past, issues have occurred in processing those large datasets due to timeouts and resource constraints. Unfortunately, the issue is occurring again. Correcting the missing data records requires falling back on manual processing and file generation. As of this morning, there is data in both the June and July 2022 datasets is known to be missing.

For the past six months, the Data and Analytics team has been working to optimize this data flow with partners on the Workday Integrations team. The new process is more stable than our current data flow and is using an integrations PUSH model vs. a web service PULL model. The next steps are being taken to move the new process into production. Once in PROD, the Workday Journal Lines data loads will be run into the RAE, catching up on any missing data, including the data identified above.

The cutover to PROD for the new process, as well as the reload/update of the journal lines data in the RAE is expected to be complete by August 24, 2022.

Once data is updated in the RAE, these new datasets will be reflected in the Tableau data sources and associated workbooks the following day.

The Data and Analytics team apologizes for any inconvenience the user community is experiencing. All efforts are being made to correct the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you to the user community for your continued patience.

Please note that this issue is limited to journal lines data in the RAE and Tableau. For a current and complete view of financial data, the reports and datasets in Workday directly provide the most current information and data.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Enterprise-Analytics@osu.edu.