"Find Requisitions" and "Find Requisitions by Unit – OSU" to be Decommissioned on March 31

Two Workday reports, "Find Requisitions" and "Find Requisitions by Unit – OSU" will be decommissioned on March 31, 2022.  These reports will be replaced by two new reports coming soon named "Find Requisition Summary – OSU" and "Find Requisition Details – OSU."  Users with saved filters for "Find Requisitions" and "Find Requisitions by Unit – OSU" are asked to delete them prior to the decommission date. 

New report descriptions:

Find Requisition Summary – OSU

This report provides Requisition summary information commonly found in the header such as status, total amount, fulfillment source, as well as a summary of all Worktags used. Additionally, this report provides business process information and can be used to identify the awaiting person for in-process transactions. This report returns one line for each unique Requisition. Look for the report to be available in Workday by the week of February 28.

Find Requisition Details OSU

This report is now available in Workday and provides detailed Requisition line information such as Worktags, line descriptions, spend category, supplier, invoice, Purchase Order, and receipt information. This report returns one line per unique Requisition line and funding line split.

Please contact CTL-BusinessProcesses@osu.edu with any questions.