Using Your OTDI-Managed Device

Logging In

At each log in on an OTDI-managed device, you will be prompted to read the usage terms and click "OK". You will type in your lastname.# and password to log in to your computer. If your computer is inactive for 15 minutes, it will be locked. You can unlock it by logging back in with your lastname.# and password.


Remote Access (VPN)

OTDI uses Cisco AnyConnect VPN for remote access to the network. You do not need to connect to the VPN to access most items on the network as your device is configured to allow you to access those while not on the VPN or connected to eduroam. This includes accessing OTDI managed file shares (K: and U: drives), patching and software updates, and syncing the password on your device with your university accounts. There are certain applications that require you to log in to the Cisco VPN manually when not on eduroam.

Using Cisco AnyConnect VPN Video Tutorial


Installing Software

You can install software on Windows PCs using Software Center and Macs using Ohio State Application Self Service. These applications include software necessary to perform daily job functions and bypass the need for a help desk agent to physically touch a computer to install a piece of software. To install software that is not available in the Software Center, please contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 and select option 3, or through the Self Service portal at  

Using Software Center (Windows PCs) Video Tutorial


Applying Patches and Software Updates

Software patches and system updates are essential to keeping devices up-to-date and secure. Users of OTDI-managed devices can expect to receive prompts to install updates and reboot their device during the third week of each month. Updates and patching may occur outside of this window when software/applications have a security issues that need to be addressed immediately. We also post an article on the IT@OSU News section each month noting which updates are available and the timeline for the month.

You can proactively install software and application updates as they become available on your device to help avoid interruptions that could occur from automatic updates.