Managed IT Services (MITS)

We provide consistent and secure IT services with predictable and transparent pricing to academic and business units at Ohio State following the core, consumable, and unique service model. 

What It Means to Be a MITS Partner

  • MITS partners receive dependable technology allowing them to collaborate efficiently in a secure IT environment. They also benefit from the continual service improvement efforts of the OCIO, gaining access to upgrades and priority implementation of strategic IT initiatives. 
  • A team of dedicated IT experts are not only there to help solve immediate issues, but to think strategically about how technology can enable the learning experience and help employees do their jobs. 
  • Transparent IT costs bring a level of control and predictability to IT services, allowing units to budget long-term for IT needs. 

Get Help

Phone: 614-688-4357 (select option 3)
Self Service:

For urgent requests 24/7, call 614-688-4357 and select option 3 for MITS partners.

MITS Service Model

The MITS program was built on the foundation of the university IT strategy. Managed IT Services are divided into three categories to provide transparency and flexibility to our partners: Core, Consumable, and Unique.


The IT services, computer and support every employee needs to do their job:

  • Per person cost calculated once per year based on OSU census
  • Billed monthly and recalculated each year to recover the actual cost to deliver services
  • Predictable costs

Core Services

  • One Laptop Per Person
  • IT Service Desk (ITSD) Support
  • Device Refresh (refresh cycle is every 4 years) 
  • Active Directory
  • Network Services
  • Professional Services (Communications, Relationship Management, Project Management, Solutions Engineers, Risk and Compliance)


IT services provided on an as-needed basis:

  • On-demand, metered pay-as-you-go services with metrics provided to partners through dashboards and reports to show trends of consumption
  • Billed monthly with unit rates multipled by consumption
  • Flexible costs

Consumable Services

  • Upgraded Devices
  • Second Devices
  • Proportional ITSD Support (as more devices are added)
  • Storage/Off-site Backup
  • Physical Servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • Web Hosting
  • OSUNet
  • Skype
  • More consumable services are available as needed and are determined while working on the Service Level Agreement between partners. 


Specialized IT services, equipment and support:

  • Negotiated custom support for unique IT services or equipment
  • Customized costs and billing

Unique Services

  • Local Applications
  • Research Support
  • Event Support
  • Solutions Engineering
  • New Large Projects
  • More unique services are available as needed and are determined while working on the Service Level Agreement between partners.