Enhancements to "Delegation History - OSU" Tableau Report

The Tableau report "Delegation History - OSU" has been updated with the enhancements described below.  

  • A new "Stopped Date and Time" field has been added to the report.  When the delegation is stopped for any reason before it's expected end date, the stopped date and time will now display in a new column.
  • A new filter "For All Business Processes" has been added to the report.
  • Additionally, the naming of two fields has been changed.
    • "Allowed Action" has been changed to "Start on My Behalf."
    • "Specified Business Processes" has been changed to "Approval on Behalf of Specified Business Processes."
  • A clean-up has been done on the "Delegation Details" and "All Delegation History" to no longer display rows denoting when a worker is on leave and returns from leave. This reduces some unnecessary noise in the data.